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To My Faithful Readers

By Thelma LedfordGood Eats Ledford

Many of you have let me know that you read my column in the local newspapers; the column was in more than one newspaper.
One was called “Nutrition with a Mission” and the other “Health Beat.” Some contacted me for literature. Thank you so much for your confidence. It is my desire that this information will bring lasting changes to your life, and that you find the solution to your health problems. One woman was concerned about an iron deficiency, and I suggested an iron supplement that the body would accept, her body responded quickly; another one was helped when I suggested a superior digestive aid. They were excited, and kind enough to call and let me know; however, not everything is this simple. Others were helped in getting rid of head lice–safely. I am sure many more were encourage and are enjoying better lives.
We must educate ourselves to what is happening and make an effort to change. The medical world cannot protect us from our lack of responsibility. We are destroying our own lives and the lives of future generations. We are altering the genetics of our children and grandchildren. How can we NOT care? Shall we continue to buy the empty junk foods? As long as we buy it, the providers will be rich, and we will be sick.
We cannot ignore the serious health problems in this country. They will not go away by themselves. If a person just stands still in the middle of a river the current will take him wherever it goes. Do we think for one moment that we will avoid the consequences of living on junk foods?  There is no use going into the gruesome details of the diseases we see around us. We can’t hide our heads in the sand. I do not mean to scold, but what I see is causing me great concern. I am trying to get people to understand the seriousness of the health problem in America.
Mothers, you must learn how to provide healthy alternative care for your families. They deserve the best that you can do. Fast foods are expensive and not healthy. I have a hamburger on my shelf which has been in the same sack since February 4, 1995. I used it for demonstration when I lectured at Collierville Junior High School. The young people were astonished. And years later, it still shows no sign of spoiling.
I know I have given you some huge challenges when I asked you to check out what the media and medical world say, but you can do this. Who are we, the consumer, going to believe?  Even the professionals disagree. There are many voices out there, but we have the ability to decide which road to take to preserve our health, if we will take time to do it. Why do people say, “I shouldn’t eat this, but?” You see, we all know sugar is bad, that fruits and vegetables are better, and that pesticides are harmful to us. We know that we should supplement, and know that it is our responsibility. No excuses, please!
If we can rouse ourselves out of complacency, we can prevent many serious illnesses. Our tissue cells and immune systems are weakening even without our knowing it. Why do we think cancer, diabetes, brain deterioration, etc. will not happen to us? Let’s begin to start building our trillions of cells now. Why wait until we are sick or see our loved one struck down, or dead? If you do not know how, there are people like myself willing to help.
I wrote all these articles to be placed in the local newspapers, and I wanted to preserve them.  Most books about health are complicated, and because of the technical language used they are not easy to read or apply. I cannot understand what they are talking about many times. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience in a way that would be easily understood. It is practical and even gives recipes and suggestions to help you on your journey to wellness and energy. Thank you, dear readers, for giving me some feedback for future articles so I can address your specific concerns.  We can all go through life and make a difference — right?

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