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News Alert: Millington Municipal Schools Open Enrollment Policy

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Millington Municipal Schools believes in meeting the needs of students with a focus on student achievement. MMS also believes parent involvement as a partner in student achievement is critical to a student’s success. MMS has developed a limited open enrollment policy for students who wish to attend a school or program outside the area for which they are zoned.

Attendance Zone Exceptions
Attendance zone exceptions shall be limited by space including program space availability in the receiving school. Grade level balances will be considered. School and program capacity will be utilized to determine if space is available for additional students. Preference will be given to students from within the city limits of Millington and its annexation area(s).

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One or more of the following factors determine program capacity: program enrollment, classroom availability, other programs housed within the school facility, and demographic considerations. The Director of Schools will designate a central administrator to determine the school/program capacity on an annual basis.

MMS will not be able to provide transportation to areas outside the regular attendance zone except for students from within the city limits of Millington and its annexation reserve areas.

Extracurricular Activity Involvement
Students approved to attend a school outside of their attendance zone shall have the same curricular and extracurricular status (review varsity sports participation) as other students attending the school. Varsity Sport Participation – Students who have participated in athletics in the high school should review the TSSAA rules regarding transfers ( Certain transfers will lead to a student being ineligible to play at the varsity level.

Student Conduct
A student’s behavior will be considered when determining a student’s enrollment in a school outside their attendance zone. MMS also reserves the right to remove a student at any time from the school in which they are enrolled outside of their attendance zone because of unacceptable behavior. Open enrollment may be revoked due to excessive tardiness, absenteeism or misconduct.

Time Commitment
The parent or legal guardian must make a commitment that the student will attend the non-zoned school for the complete school year and obey all school policies, regulations, and procedures.

Preventing or Recruiting Open Enrollment Students
MMS will take no action to prohibit or prevent application by its students to attend a non-zoned school within the school district. MMS employees shall not recruit students outside of their school zone.

Application Submittal Process
Applications are available at any school in the MMS, on the Web site (, and at the Central Administration Office located at 8077 Wilkinsville Rd, Millington, TN 38053

Applications will be accepted from January 31, 2014, through two weeks prior to the start of school. After that time, the application must have approval of the losing district. The applications must be submitted to the MMS Director of Schools at the above address. Eligible applicants at each grade level will be placed at their requested school provided the school has available capacity. If there are more applicants than the school capacity availability, applicants will be selected by a lottery drawing.

Approval Process
Applications will be considered based on the factors stated above and the following:
Students who attended a non-zoned school the previous year will be given preference for enrolling the following year, providing there is program capacity. Siblings will be given preference for enrolling in the non-zoned school where their brother or sister is attending. The MMS Director’s designee will adhere to the timeline as stated below to ensure the approval process is completed within the designated timeframe.

1. Director’s Designee determines school program capacity – January 2014.
2. Application submitted – after January31, 2014.
3. MMS Director designee reviews applications for accuracy
4. Director designee reviews applications.
5. Decision to approve or deny applications.
6. Confirmation of parent and student commitment to enrollment in non-zoned school.

NOTE: The District reserves the right to remove or refuse a student enrollment due to false or misleading information on the application.


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