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Readers’ Choice Woman of the Year: Dr. Janet Black

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Janet Black 2 Janet Black graphic

Since 2005, Dr. Janet Black has conducted her dental duties at 8127 Highway 51 North in Millington.
The Jamaican native has called Flag City home since 1999. And earlier this month, Black was going along with her typical day when one of her “teammates” Patty White went to deliver her some good news.
With her surgical mask still on her face, Black made her way to the lobby to confirm that she was the 2014 Millington Star Readers’ Choice Woman of the Year. Once she received full confirmation, Black had tears in her eyes.
“I am absolutely blown away by it,” she said. “I’m so honored. I’m just beyond myself. It’s a great honor. It so nice to know somebody thought of me, to concern me for this great honor.”
One of the reasons Black was voted by The Star’s readers for this year’s honor was because patients don’t tear up during a visit at Comprehensive Family Dentistry.
“Here at Comprehensive Family Dentistry, we feel our attitude is absolutely key,” Black said. “We live by our vision and we live by our mission for the office.”
That mission is to provide a personable and professional atmosphere with outstanding efficiency surpassed by none. Black and her team strive to provide oral health support for residents in area and surrounding communities.
The Comprehensive Dentistry office also plays a part in making patients relax. Doubling in size since it opened in August 2005, the walls feature artwork depicting nature and ceiling tiles with blue skies and fluffy clouds.
Once Black was informed that some of the voters nominated her because of her business practices and comfortable atmosphere, she was humbled again.
“That’s tells me that we’re well on our way toward accomplishing what we have envision for ourselves,” she said. “That warms my heart. When a patient comes in initially, they’re apprehensive. They tell me about many times they’ve had an uncomfortable experience with the dentist. But having come here they no longer feel that apprehensive or fear.
“It’s humbling because we work hard it,” Black continued. “And it’s not something we take for granted because you really have to put yourself inside the patient’s shoes. You have to understand where they’re fears are how to deal with them on the level of their fears.”
It’s not only Black assisting patients with concerns when embarking on dental procedures. The team of hygienist Michelle Johnson, patient coordinator Joy Wright, dental assistant Nichole Sullivan, front office personal Jasmine Brown and Renee Carter and insurance/financial coordinator White fulfill Comprehensive’s mission statement.
“That’s my team,” Black said. “There’s no way I could do any of the things I do without my team. We call ourselves a team. I have a sharp team here and I’m proud of each and every one of them. They’ve embraced the training they’ve received and go beyond expectations.”
Black said her team at home’s support, helps her run the business and be an active member in the community. Black’s husband Walter and sons Jonathan and Joshua, who attend Millington Central High School, have made Millington their home.
With Millington supporting her business so much for nearly a decade, Black is eager to give back.
“I certainly believe as a business owner in a community it’s important to contribute whether with your time or finances,” she said. “It’s imperative, giving back. I support the community of Memphis also.”
Black is a member of the Millington Area Chamber of Commerce and on the board of the Millington YMCA. She also donates to many charities in the Mid-South.
Although Black does most of her charitable work behind the scenes, one of her volunteer efforts puts her on the front line helping the needy. Black can be found some days working on the Bellevue Mobile Dentistry in Memphis communities serving those who can’t afford oral health.
Black said giving back with the talents, skills and blessings given to her by the Lord has its own rewards. She said being recognized by The Star readers is an overwhelming moment in her life.
Black said moving with her husband from Texas years ago to Millington has been a good decision.
“Millington became a natural home for me because when I started with the Navy and my contract ended with them, I was already rooted here,” she recalled. “So I put down deeper roots when I opened up this practice. I started building a practice here.
“And now my children go to school here,” Black concluded. “It was just a natural thing for me to come here. So I am going to contribute. I don’t feel comfortable just sitting on the sideline. I wish I could do more. And I plan to do more.”


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