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Breaking News: House fire in Rosemark

Star Staff ReportsPublic Safety Rosemark Fire 3-13

At 12:16 p.m. today a residential structure fire was dispatched to Fire Department Engine Companies throughout the northeast sections of Shelby County near the community of Rosemark. The owner of a 2,700 square foot home called Shelby County Fire Dispatchers to advise that the roof around his fireplace chimney was burning. Power to the area has been out as a result of the recent heavy icing which brought power lines down throughout the area and the home was being heated with the fireplace. Despite very icy challenging road conditions the first due in company reported heavy smoke showing, that they were deploying pre-connected attack hoses and were mounting an attack on the fire from within the home. The fire was called “under control” at 12:55 p.m. and nine minutes later it was completely knocked down. Coordinated efforts from three fire departments (Shelby County, Millington and Munford) in all provided five engine companies and associated supporting Chiefs resulting in two dozen fire fighters working the scene at its peak strength. Firefighters are to be credited with very aggressive fire-fighting tactics which combined with an early call to 9-1-1 resulted in the home being saved. There is some smoke and water damage to the home but the majority of the damage is to a portion of the roof near the chimney. The home will be repaired. There are no injuries to citizens or fire fighters. When motorists encounter an emergency vehicle approaching from behind them with their sirens and lights activated, we encourage them to remember to stay calm, activate their right turn signal to show the driver of the apparatus that they have been seen, then, when it is safe, the motorist should pull to the right and stop. This will allow the emergency vehicle to pass them as safely as possible. Remember, we might be heading to your emergency – so “pull to the right for sirens and lights.”

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