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MMS announces two hires

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Last week Millington Municipal Schools director Dr. David Roper welcomed two new employees to the MMS team. We welcome, Georgia Dawson as Supervisor of Instruction and Darrel Bright for I.T. planning and inventory assistance.
Darrel Bright:
I was born and educated in Millington and have lived in this area my entire life. I have an A.S. in IT from State Technical Institute at Memphis, a B.A.A. from The University of Memphis, and a M.S. from the University of Arkansas. I began my career as a computer operator but, while still a student, was soon hired full-time as Manager of the IT Labs at State Tech. I began teaching IT part-time before working my way up to Instructor, then Assistant Professor, and finally Associate Professor of IT (the highest rank attainable without an earned doctorate). I was awarded tenure by my piers and served on the faculty senate. I left State Tech after 17 years and enjoyed a 12 year career at First Data Corporation where I was a Senior Systems Analyst designing and authoring software solutions to facilitate the movement of money in the banking/credit card industry.
“It is a pleasure to be part of such a hard working group of people, all working toward such a worthy cause.”
Georgia Dawson:
Georgia Dawson is excited to join the team at Millington Municipal Schools. In her years with legacy Shelby County, she served as a teacher at Millington Elementary, principal of Millington South, instructional supervisor, and Director of Instruction for K-8. Dawson also served our neighboring district, Tipton County in many capacities including the position of Assistant Superintendent of Instruction. She transitioned from her last position with the State of Tennessee at the Southwest Center for Regional Excellence serving as the regional data analyst to join our Millington team. She is known for her commitment to high student achievement and is thrilled to have the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to participate in building our new school district on the strong existing foundation. Dawson is a strong advocate for excellence in public education and is totally committed to that goal.

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