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The Word is Jever

By Thelma LedfordGood Eats Ledford

Jever is a “new word” discovered by a writing friend of mine. She used it in class one day.  I liked it!  Whether we are aware of it or not, we all use it. “Did you ever” (Jever) I’ve done a lot of wondering lately when I see TV commercials. “Jever” wonder why people believe all they hear?  “Jever” wonder why a person would use a product with so many warnings attached?” I do!
For over forty-eight years I have been about the business of solving my own health problems without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. That has been a long span of time and quite a challenge, wouldn’t you agree? I am alarmed at the way products are advertised by the media. For example: Do you recall the ad about chlorine bleach? It was a picture of a beautiful, spring day, and a person was enjoying the smell of the new scented bleach. When I saw it I shouted, “out loud” mind you.  “No! The children will not know chlorine is dangerous.” Of course, no one heard me.
Later at a local grocery store in the cleaning products aisle I overheard a young girl telling a friend about how good this product smelled. They actually tried to smell it, but the shout I made was heard—they stopped, and walked away. These dangerous advertisements appear daily. Adults may know the danger of chlorine, but children and young people who are watching are uninformed about the dangers. They do not read the labels—they watch us. Children have grown up watching the indiscriminate use of dangerous cleaning products and prescription drugs all their lives. Please make them aware of the dangers. These questions will help you be sensitive to the dangers.
“Jever” wonder what ‘scented fragrances’ are made from”   Safe flowers?  No!
“Jever” wonder about the safety of “air fresheners?”   We better!
“Jever” wonder what is added to make products ‘antibacterial’?”
“Jever” wonder why A.D.D., A.D.H.D., sinus, allergies, asthma, and autism are increasing?
“Jever” wonder what the words natural or organic mean today?  Check it out!

Think about it? If hormones are absorbed when placed directly on the skin, how safe are the other products we put on our skin?” What is going directly into our blood stream? Could the health problems we are having be caused by something we could change without drugs?
It just might be safer to ask questions, check out what advertisements, friends, and even what the medical world tells you?” This world is NOT like the one I grew up in. I overheard part of a Senate hearing the other day. Some doctors were pleading with them to protect the children. One doctor was giving a good testimony about using supplementation in treating A.D.D. instead of drugs. One of the doctors gave witness about a normal two-year old who turned autistic two days after a certain immunization shot!  Scary! “Jever” wonder what is in shots? “Jever” wonder how the body’s defense system works? How do these foreign substances, “anti-foods,” we put into the body affect this system? Why so many people are tired and stressed out all the time? We better wonder about our food, air, water, cleaning products, pesticides, microwaves, etc. Most Americans are uninformed about the quality of products in the marketplace—the media, and the medical world. Do not take for granted the safety of the products you are using.
For years I’ve been “wondering and checking this out,” and looking for ways to avoid the dangers in our food, water, and air. It is “scary,” but there are some safe alternatives even in a world of “chemical soup.” Maybe these articles will stimulate your thinking and cause you to take charge of your own health, and the health of your family. There are lots of voices in our world. I know it is hard, but check them out. Your life and health is at stake!
Recommended reading:  “Poisoning Our Children” Nancy Sokol Green
“Staying Well in a Toxic World” Lynn Lawson

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