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Woodstock-area students can request Out-of-District transfers to city’s schools

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Woodstock-area students who currently attend Millington’s four schools and want to remain enrolled can request Out-of-District transfers for the 2014-15 academic year.
That was the response from Dr. David Roper, superintendent of the municipal school system, to a question by Alderman Thomas McGhee at the March 10 regular monthly meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
While noting that he is “impressed with the planning” that has been done thus far, McGhee asked how the Woodstock students’ desire to remain enrolled in Millington’s schools is being “treated” by the school system.
Roper said several parents in the Woodstock area have attended some of the informational community meetings that he has already conducted. He noted that the process is the same for them as it is for those who live in the other surrounding communities.
The Millington School Board has adopted a policy regarding the enrollment and transfer of students in the municipal school system. While noting that “procedures” have been developed from that policy, Roper cited “four basic categories” in the enrollment process.
There are In-District and Out-of-District students who are currently attending one of Millington’s four schools. There are also In-District and Out-of-District students who are not currently attending any of the schools, but who want to be enrolled there next year.
The policy defines In-District students as those who live either inside the Millington corporate limits or within the city’s Reserve Annexation Area. Out-of-District students are those who live outside of not just the city limits, but also outside the Reserve area.
Roper noted that In-District students can attend Millington’s schools next year without having to request Out-of-District transfers. He said transportation will be provided for In-District students who live more than 1.5 miles from the school to which they are assigned.
He also said there is a place on the enrollment intent form where parents of Out-of-District students currently attending the schools can request Out-of-District transfers on a “space-available basis.”
“If we have the space available, which we believe that we will,” he said, “and if the students are in good standing, then their Out-of-District transfers will be approved. And they can continue to attend the Millington schools, even though they’re Out-of-District.”
On the enrollment intent form, Roper said, those parents will write the name and address of the school their children currently attend, as well as the one they want them to go to next year. Then, they will “check a box” and sign their name.
“If they’re Out-of-District beginning next year,” he noted, “that’s all they have to do to request an Out-of-District transfer.”
Roper acknowledged that the school system will not be able to offer transportation for Out-of-District students. But to “balance that out,” it is not charging tuition for those Out-of-District transfers.
He said the community meetings are designed for the parents of In-District and Out-of-District students not currently attending the Millington schools, but who want them to be enrolled there next year.
“We’re trying to get the word out to those folks that the same form applies for them to express their intent,” he noted, “so the people know that they would be welcome in the Millington schools for next year.”
Because a lot of “odd” rumors are “floating around” the community, Roper urged area residents not to believe everything they hear. If they have questions or concerns, he said they should call the school system’s office.
“At these community meetings,” he concluded, “I want people to hear from me personally about what the process is, so they’ll be able to know that we’re shooting straight with them.”

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