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Kendall’s Fire: TRA standout’s passion for volleyball takes her to Memphis

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Kendall Seering fade

In the past 10 years of Tipton-Rosemark Academy athletics, there have been plenty of trailblazers.
From the softball diamond to the basketball court, many Rebel and Lady Rebel standouts have paved a path toward playing for NCAA teams on the Division I and II levels. Players like Lyndsey Sterling, Connor Alexander, David Owen and Jacob Arnett are just some of the Rebels to sign to Division I schools. And other TRA graduates like JT Moody and Sam Watson have walked onto programs like Christian Brothers Basketball and Memphis Football respectively.
Now adding her name to that lineage is Kendall Seering. On April 9 in the TRA Lobby, Seering announced her preferred walk-on status with The University of Memphis Lady Tigers Volleyball program.
“I am so excited,” Seering said. “It’s like a dream come true. I’ve thought about going to Memphis since I was really, really little. Right now it feels like all the pieces have fallen together.”
There to celebrate the occasion were teammates, friends, family, Seering parents JR and Cheryl and Lady Rebels Head Coach Wendy Porter.
“Kendall has played a vital role not just in team leadership but her skill level,” Porter said. “She’s been able to step up and make important plays. She’s also been an encouragement to the younger girls who have been coming up. Next year is going to be a lot different not  having that stability that she has provided over the past couple of years.”
The Lady Rebels have enjoyed two season as one of the top teams in Division II-A. Seering has been in the middle of the action setting, dinking, spiking and blocking. Seering sharpen up her skills playing volleyball since the sixth grade.
JR noted his daughter grew up playing basketball, soccer, cheerleading and gymnastics. But volleyball won over her heart.
“She’s very smart,” he noted. “She’s very athletic. She’s played all those sports and done real well. I’m very proud of her.”
Cheryl noted her daughter’s heart was also set on Memphis. Despite getting other offers, Kendall had her eye on the Lady Tigers.
“It’s her dream,” she said. “Memphis was her first choice. The fact that she’s now at that level, it’s a dream really come true.
“It means with hard work and dedication, a small school can succeed to get the big level or to the big game,” Cheryl added.
Seering next big game will be for the Lady Tigers playing for Head Coach April Jaurequi. Cheryl said from Jaurequi to the assistants, Memphis Volleyball is the perfect place for Kendall.
“We have met the coaches there,” she said. “It’s a very nice family. The coach said welcome to the family. It’s real nice for them to bring her in. We’re really excited for her to be local.”
From TRA to Memphis Juniors Club volleyball teams, several area experts around the sport know Seering is Division I caliber player.
“She’s been a very dedicated player throughout her volleyball career whether it’s club or here at TRA,” Porter said. “Through that dedication and committement she’s been able to grow as a strong player. And smaller schools like us have to have those types of players if we’re going to get them to the next level, especially the D-I level. They’ve got to have that commitment and she’s athletic too. You have to have that as the base which she has.”
Seering said she’s proud to represent TRA Volleyball at the next level on a big stage.
“It feels awesome because a not a lot of people have done it,” she said. ‘I feel like our volleyball program keeps growing and growing. We’re going to want to step up and keep it growing.”
Now Seering is a part of Rebel athletic history.
“It’s a privilege to add my name to that list,” she said. “I never really thought I would add my name to it but here I am.
“I’m looking forward to the competition and being around the coaches and the team,” Seering concluded. “They treat me like family just like at Rosemark. It’s a big school, but they single you out and treat you like family.”
In recent years, Division I and II caliber athletes have been popping up at Tipton-Rosemark Academy.
Either through scholarships or walk-on status, former Rebels like Colton Hall, Cale Alexander, Blain Curtis, Connor Alexander, David Owen, JT Moody, Sam Watson, Lyndsey Sterling, Jacob Arnett, Todd Starks, just to name a few, have carried the TRA name to places like Idaho State, Christian Brothers, Arkansas State and The University of Memphis. On April 9, 2014, TRA Volleyball standout Kendall Seering became the latest announcing her preferred walk-on status with the Memphis Lady Tigers. Seering has been a part of the Lady Rebel Volleyball varsity program the past three years. Since the arrival of Head Coach Wendy Porter two seasons ago, Seering has been a vital part of the winning program. Porter noted Seering is a versatile player on the court who can set and score at the net.
Seering was joined by teammates, special guest and parents Cheryl and JR for the ceremony held on campus. Seering has been playing volleyball since the sixth grade playing for the Lady Rebels and the Memphis Juniors Club team.

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