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Flag City leaders help kickoff NOBCO conference weekend

By Thomas Seller Jr.NOBCO in town 1 NOBCO in town 2 NOBCO in town 3

Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland wanted to return the favor to the National Organization of Black County Officials.
A couple of months ago in Washington D.C., Roland was invited to events held by NOBCO and treated with hospitality that made an impact on him. With NOBCO’s 30th Annual Economic Development Conference moving from Shreveport, La., to the Memphis area, Roland had an opportunity to welcome his new friends to his part of the town.
With an escort from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, several special guest, dignitaries and NOBCO members arrived Wednesday afternoon to Old Timers in Millington and Roland’s open arms.
With this year’s conference’s theme “The Grass is Greener Where You Water It,” Roland wanted to make sure the NOBCO paid a visit to his hometown of Flag City for some food and a tour.
Host Commissioner Justin Ford led the way from Tunica to Millington with the barricade. Once at Old Timer’s, Roland shared his feelings on the impact NOBCO made on him in Washington and how he wanted its stay in Shelby County to be memorable and impact.
While in town, the NOBCO discussed economic issues and how to solve them across the country, shared ideas to building a better Shelby County and attended panel discusses. There were also special guest speakers and trips to the National Civil Rights and Soulsville U.S.A. Stax museums.
NOBCO weekend in Shelby County started in Millington meeting Vice Mayor Chris Ford, aldermen Larry Dagen and Bethany Huffman and Millington Chamber President Charles Gullota.
The NOBCO) is a 501(c) corporation, established in 1982, representing a coalition of black elected and appointed officials within county government for all 50 states. The NOBCO corporation has its roots in the National Association of Black County Officials which was founded in 1975 as a membership association to bring focus on the nation’s African American communities, our issues and their resolution by providing direct assistance to black county officials.
NOBCO provides education and training to black county officials, others in government, representatives from community based organizations and agencies and concerned citizens. Current program areas of focus include, but are not limited to, economic and community development and environmental justice issues. NOBCO serves more than 3,000 black elected and appointed county officials in 50 states. Black county officials share responsibility for the promotion and maintenance of our Nation’s public and private forests. As local decision-makers, the policies that black county officials enact can either support or detract from a community’s attempts to create a sustainable economy and sustainable environme

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