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Surprise Chic

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Chic Nute honored 1 Chic Nute honored 2

It’s a common sight at any sporting competition between Tipton County teams to see the county’s athletic director Chic Nute.
But on the night of April 22, Brighton High School Athletic Director Cetrice Bounds made sure recent TSSAA Hall of Fame inductee Nute was present. Once Nute arrived to the Brighton Baseball Field to watch the home standing Cardinals take on the visiting Munford Cougars, he was greeted by many familiar faces.
Bounds then informed Nute he would be throwing out the first pitch before the game to Brighton catcher Bentley Jones. As Nute was escorted out to the mound by Bounds and Brighton Principal Christi Huffman, the public address announcer started to read about the life and career of Nute.
It was then, Nute realized he was being recognized for his distinguished career and recent Hall of Fame honor.
“It’s a humbling experience,” he said afterwards. “It makes you feel like you’re appreciated. It was a surprise. I wasn’t expecting this. I didn’t know I was throwing out the first pitch until I got here. I thought I was just coming here, I would have come anyway with it being a county game.
“But Cetrice wanted to make sure  I was here,” Nute continued. “I thought because he wanted me to help just in case there were any problems or anything. I see what it really was now. They did a good job and definitely surprised me.”
It was no suprise on April 5 in Murfreesboro, he was a part of the Class of 2014 TSSAA Hall of Fame ceremony. Nute was inducted along with Gary Householder, Glenn McCadams, Randy King, Ken Colquette, Melvin Black, Marvin Doggett and Willie Brown.
Nute said the ceremony rivaled the Academy Awards and was a first class operation all the way.
“Hall of Fame is a great honor,” Nute said. “But like we said a while ago, it’s not just me. It has been a lot of people who helped contribute to it. One person doesn’t do all of that, it takes a lot of help.”

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