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Success at MCHS helps feed 2014 Salutatorian’s passion

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Hairston pose Hairston writing

Growing up in Virginia, Rhode Island, Hawaii and Tennessee, it didn’t appear Greg Hairston Jr. would grow up to be a writer.
But through the discipline of his father Greg Sr., and dedicated teaching of his mother Vickie, Greg Jr. gravitated toward the art form. Hairston developed a love for writing creating stories from his experiences as a student/athletic at Millington Central High School. Now the award-winning student can write a story about earning the position of salutatorian for MCHS’ Class of 2014.
“When I was a kid, I never liked to write,” Hairston acknowledged. “I despised it really. My sister (Gaby) liked to write all the time. I never wanted to.
“But I guess about the time I got into high school, I had all these thoughts and things that I needed to get out,” he continued. “Being able to express it on paper is where it all got started. Now I’ve evolved into a fiction writer mostly. I really like it.”
Hairston’s creativity has been strongly influenced by his journey toward the top of the Class of 2014. The youngest of seven children Hairston was an active member of Beta Club and president of the MCHS’ chapter of the National Honor Soceity. The senior was a part of a national-awarding winning The Oracle project as well.
Hairston said some of his greatest high school memories came courtesy of DECA. The marketing club has been to Regionals and State, even with a chance to attend Nationals.
This school year Hairston went out for Trojan Tennis for the first time finishing the regular season with a winning record.
“The extra curriculum is what helps you get through the school work,” he said. “It’s good to have that outlet after school with athletics and your interests the whole writing things. Definitely helps you through it.”
Hairston said many coaches, teachers, administrators and classmates have had an impact on his growth as a writer. But the two biggest influences have been his parents.
“My mom she home-schooled me until I was in the sixth grade,” he recalled. “Her starting me off at an early age teaching me what I needed to know, gave me a good base for school. Being home-schooled was a good thing getting me to read early and get me into books early. I developed all types of different interests.”
Greg Sr., has developed an interest for photography. After a 26-year military career, Greg Sr., is earning his masters and shooting artistic photos. Greg Jr., said he admires his father’s passion and pursuit of more education.
“My dad brought home some of the Navy influences like order and do what you need to do when you need to do it,” he said. “The structure helped a lot.”
The structure from his household has given Hairston the opportunity to use pen and paper as an outlet for his creative side. His days up at MCHS, growing up around the United States and his family have placed many ideas in the mind of the salutatorian.
“The different experiences you take from day to day life help you build characters,” he noted. “That’s a big part of it. Personalities and different back stories, real life experiences help you build those characters.
“The more experience you have in life help makes you a better writer,” Hairston added. “It makes you more imaginative and it widens your scope. You might see a series. I’ve always wanted to get something published. Before I die I’ll get something out there.”
As for now Hairston is concentrating on authoring his next chapter in life, attending Pennslyvania University’s College of Arts and Science.
“Going to college is a big hump and I know there’s a lot of challenges,” he said. “I think exploring, the exploration is what I want my next chapter to be.
“Finding out the different things about the world and the different things I like to do that I didn’t even know I like to do,” Hairston concluded, “or meeting all the different people I can influence and learn from. Exploring is going to be a big part.”

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