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Dakin’s chat with Fred Smith leads to check for Millington SYS Football

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Dakin-Fred Smith Check

Millington Alderman Frankie Dakin takes any chance to use the opportunities afforded by his education from Rhodes College in Memphis to better serve his hometown.
The 2010 Millington Central High School graduate is majoring in Political Economics. In mid April Dakin joined his department’s president and some of its professors to meet FedEx president and chairman Fred Smith.
The founder of the world’s largest overnight delivery express company is a supporter of the Rhodes Economic Department. But when Smith met Dakin, the Rhodes upperclassman brought up home city of Millington.
Smith recalled playing football at Aycock Park and how the game helped shape his life. Dakin echoed those sentiments playing SYS for the Millington Trojans in the early 2000s.
Before parting ways with Smith, Dakin informed him of the hard times that have hit the Millington SYS Football Program.
“After I explained to him how it has fallen on hard times, I sent him a letter via his e-mail,” Dakin said. “Then one day I checked my box at Rhodes and Mr. Smith had sent a check for $5,000.
“Any chance I get to meet the needs of Millington like how the SYS program has fallen on hard times,” Dakin added, “I’m going to help. We need more to step up and help the system.”
Before Smith opened up FedEx in Memphis, he played youth sports. Dakin said his days in the SYS program taught him important life lessons leading to him becoming Millington’s youngest alderman.
Dakin said he learned life lessons from Coach Ray Wilmer, the value of hard work and determination. While serving as one of the seven aldermen for Millington, Dakin has continued his studies at Rhodes.
His department has given Dakin the opportunity to travel to economic conferences in Oakland, Calif., New York City and Florida. He is planning to attend an economic development conference on grant writing and attracting new businesses.
“I’m looking for grants to help boost the economics and give back to Millington,” Dakin said, “anything that goes toward a more affordable way of life and develop economics. I want Millington to be a place people can make a living, go to school and work. A lot is at stake with our economic development now.”
For now Dakin said he hopes the gift given by Smith will be the start of the renaissance of the Millington SYS Football Program.
“I just want to make playing football more affordable for the families,” he concluded. Most families can’t afford to pay for the helmet, pads and if they have a daughter participating the cheerleading program it’s tough. We have to help them meet the fees so we can get our kids out there playing.”

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