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Best season in Cougar Soccer program ends in mud and rain

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Munford Soccer Cedrick Williams play Munford Soccer Cedrick Williams slide tackle Munford Soccer Furseth save Munford Soccer Jesper Kemp header Munford Soccer Robby kick Munford Soccer Robby slide Munford Soccer Troy Moyer header

All special sport seasons must come to an end.
The best season in Munford Cougar Soccer’s short history came to an end on a muddy and rain soaked Munford Soccer Field May 13 against the Bartlett Panthers.
It was a goal early in the second half by the Panthers that led to Bartlett’s Region 7-3A Tournament victory in the semifinal round.
“From top to bottom that team is sound” Munford Head Coach Kyle Selby said. “Bartlett is sound all around. They’re sound out wide, they’re soundm wherever. At Munford High School, we do have some holes. Even with the 10 seniors, they’re holes there. Even though guys I might consider our holes played lights out. They played a very, very good Bartlett team.”
Bartlett advanced to the Region championship and earned a spot in the Sub-State round. Meanwhile the Cougars saw their 2014 season come to a 15-2-2 conclusion. And the Munford Soccer careers of 10 players came to an end, Alex Cherry, Erik Furseth, Tyler Futrell, Jaylen Hill, Austin LeBean, Julian Morris, Troy Moyer, Robby Roach, Cedrick Williams and junior transfer student Jesper Kemp.
When the Munford program was in its second year, the Class of 2014 members entered the hall of Munford High School and started improving the soccer results each season.
“I’ve coached here 5 years and I’ve always said wins and loses is not all I’m trying to do,” Selby noted. “We’re trying to put good guys out in the world. There’s not 10 better guys to put out there than those guys.”
Several of the seniors have signed to play college soccer. Many were top students in the school including Roach as the valedictorian for the Class of 2014. With his assistants Bobby Picchi and Cheryl Selby by his side, Coach Selby enjoyed the success of the seniors on and off the field.
“Coach Picchi, my wife Cheryl and myself, we teach them to play with class,” he noted. “We teach teach them with good class. The intent I try to do is when they level here, they’re good guys, good adults, good humans and help this world in a positive way.”
There were many positives on the field in 2014 with a team record 15 wins. The Cougars were the regular-season and tournament champs of District 13-3A. Throughout the enter season the Munford defense only allowed three traditional goals of the six scored on it.  Selby said the entire team proved it was a State-caliber, but the Panthers had enough firepower to outlast his squad in the wet conditions.  Before leaving the field the rain started to fall a little harder. The coaches and some of the seniors addressed the huddle one last team.
“I hope in my four years of coaching these guys that when I told them I love them,” Selby said, “and I care about them and I’ll do anything in the world for them, that I didn’t just say it. I showed it with my actions. They showed it too by busting their rare ends for me.”
Selby and the coaches thanked the seniors for a special run. The only coach in Munford Soccer history said the Class of 2014 has left a strong legacy and will have impact on the world once they leave the Munford campus.
“I don’t grade it on wins and loses,” Selby concluded. “I grade it on class of young men. It has to be an A-plus. You can’t get a classier group of young men than what we have at Munford High School.”

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