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By Themla LedfordGood Eats Ledford

America took our nation’s freedom for granted for years. Suddenly we were made aware of impending danger! Americans went into action immediately to protection our country.
There is another call for action! For over forty-eight years I have been sounding the alarm about the condition of health in America. A dangerous situation has slowly but surely crept upon us.
Disease and medical bills are consuming us, the nation’s young people are maturing and aging prematurely, and many of the children are on drugs to control their behavior.
Children are especially vulnerable. At birth their brain and many other organs are not yet developed. Years ago the soil was better, food was not processed, and we had no pesticides.
Things have changed drastically! Our stomachs may be full, but are we healthy? Check the prescription counter, the emergency rooms, and the schools. I was shocked at the people standing in line for drugs at a local drug store. Look at the sagging, flabby skin even on children. Do you notice the sad look in their eyes? Children are not being fed properly, and they are headed for serious healthy problems. Adults are doing no better; many do not seem to be enjoying a healthy life in their latter years. These things should not be. America has more food that any country in the world.
Wake up America! “Everything we put into our mouths is not food,” and will not support health. It is time to educate ourselves; to make changes, and feel well again. This is what I did at thirty years of age. Today, people think I look and act younger than I am—and I do! I want to pass the wisdom and experience I have learned to others, but most people seem unconcerned.
Signs of undernourishment, or malnutrition, are everywhere—especially in children. While the signs of malnutrition, or undernourishment, can be mistaken for those of disease, neglect or other causes, the signs of health and good nutrition are unmistakable.
A healthy, well-nourished child has shiny hair, firm in the scalp, not dull and brittle. The eyes are bright, clear, and see well with no dark circles. The teeth are bright and healthy, the gums are firm and do not bleed. Strong, straight bones are indicative of adequate nutrition, and strong muscles reflect adequate energy and protein intake. The same is true for adults. Clear eyes, good teeth, strong muscles and bones, and plenty of energy are signs of good health.
Quite the opposite is happening. Everyone is tired or depressed!!! Dry, brittle hair, bleeding gums, dark circles under the eyes, and flabby muscles are the norm today. Couch potatoes are not always lazy children, but children with no energy. Hyperactivity is an indication of a serious need for nutrition. Protein-Energy Malnutrition (PEM) takes a toll worldwide, even in the USA, it affects a third of all hospitalized children. Rickets was almost nonexistent in the 50s-70s.
The human body is a collection of moving, living parts which continually change. Old cells die and are replaced. Do you want better skin? It is replaced every seven years, the fat beneath the skin is renewed every year, and the entire lining of the digestive tract every three days. Don’t we realize that our bodies are made from the food we eat? What are you eating? Would you put water in the gas tank of your car? We take good care of our cars, and our animals, but what about our own bodies? If we have all these things and we are sick, we cannot enjoy life.
I would hope that these articles will cause you to “wake up” and realize that if you want to have a healthy body when you get older, you must begin now. It does not just happen without our taking the responsibility for our eating habits. Every day we do one of two things: Build health or promote disease. It is your choice! It is not easy, but very rewarding. Wake up, America! Look at what we are doing to our health! Not all that glitters is gold! Money isn’t everything!

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