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Part of Millington First Baptist’s Merge summer camp helps USA Stadium

By Thomas Sellers Jr.FBC Merge 1 FBC Merge 2 FBC Merge 3 FBC Merge 4

Last week Millington First Baptist Church hosted its annual Summer Camp Merge for hundreds of teens from across the country…sort of.
The children from churches across the United States like Georgia, Texas, New Mexico and several Tennessee congregrations spent most of their time in places across the Memphis area on mission trips. One location dozens of camp goers worked was the USA Rodeo Stadium on the grounds of USA Stadium in Millington.
“We’re out here trying to help the community by stripping this down so it can be repainted,” FBC Youth Minister Chris Denson said.  “As you can see it’s in need of repair. We offered as part of our ministry this year to work in the community of Millington. USA Stadium was one of the places we wanted to put one of our teams. We ended up with three or four teams out here. We’re going to have this thing painted up and ready to go by the end of the week.”
During the week more than 600 children gathered at FBC located at 5010 West Union Road before taking busses to places like the Union Mission, Miles Park in Millington, Orange Mound in Memphis and USA Stadium.
The project at USA Stadium was to help revitalize the Rodeo Stadium. For three days about 40 teenagers used steel wool, brushes, power washer and elbow grease to strip off rust around the performing area. Clearing the rust and lead allowed for fresh paint all around the stadium.
Volunteer Kim Benoit supervised the children working on the project. She noted the purpose for all the projects was to give the teens a chance to display kindness and serve others.
Each night of the four-day camp concluded with a worship service back at the church. The annual camp brings teenagers from across the United States, with a group driving two days from New Mexico.
Denson said the children giving their time, energy and sweat to all the venues, especially USA Stadium will be fruitful for many in the future.
“It’s fantastic to see young people care enough for their community to come out and live there lives as Christians,” he concluded. “They’re working in the field and showing others that it’s more about giving than taking.”

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