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Brighton’s Jared Webb picks Bethel to continue his baseball career

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Jared Webb at plate Jared Webb Signing Jared Webb to Bethel

Entering a senior season, a student/athlete can’t help but think about his college future.
At the beginning of the Brighton Cardinals’ baseball season, Jared Webb got off to a slow start with thoughts of his plans post graduation. But the pitcher/third baseman put that aside to accomplish something special with his fellow seniors Nathan Newman, Stone Edwards, Colton Hathcock, Colby Poston and Tanner McDivitt.
The Cardinals rallied to make a run in District 13-3A to reach the Region 7-3A Baseball Tournament. And Webb was a huge part of that success batting .372 with an on-base percentage of .490.  Allowing the chips to fall where they may, Webb had plenty of choices for his college future picking Bethel University.
“It’s just a happy day,” former Brighton Head Coach Brian Oswalt said. “He’s been waiting on this all year long. We’ve looked at a lot of options he had. This was kind of the right fit for him.
“He’s (Bethel Head Coach Rusty Thompson) getting a scrappy guy who likes to come to the ballfield,” he added. “Jared is a hard worker. He’s one of these guys you can sent to the mound in a situation and get the job done.”
Webb went 4-2 this past season with 2 saves. He also had a 2.42 ERA from the rubber giving up 5 runs in 27 innings.
Webb has sharpen his skills from the mound since he was 5 years old playing T-Ball in Tipton County. His parents Jeff and Debbie watch Jared take on the responsibilities of infield play including catcher as a youth.
But through the years Webb has fallen in love with pitching and wants to focus on that aspect of the game as a Bethel Wildcat.
“I much rather just go for pitching,” he acknowledged. “But I will still play if he put me over there. I’m just happy to be able to play.”
Debbie said she’s happy to see her son at the next level despite him being undersize his entire career.
“He never gave up,” she recalled. “He had a lot of struggles at the beginning since T-Ball because of his height. But he proved he could stand up and play with the rest of them. He stood tall at the end.
“My biggest thing is him being able to get an education and having the chance to play the extra ciriculuar activity of baseball,” Debbie added. “He’s still playing something he loves and getting an education at the same opportunity.”
Jeff said his son has always come up clutch when given an chance to shine.
“Without a doubt I was proud,” he said of Jared’s recent postseason run. “But it was tough because I knew it was winding down for him and to were you were not going to see him play on a regular basis. It was great to see him come around toward the end of the season and do great for the team.
“This is just fantastic, I want to be able to see him live his dream of playing ball,” Jeff added.
Jared admitted it was stressful at the beginning of the season thinking about his college choices.
“I’m finally glad I made it to this point and time where I can make it to the next level and play ball,” he said. “I had quite a few choices. But I felt this was the right one to go to. About a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to go (to Bethel).”
Webb said ending his Cardinal career on a positive note had simple motivations.
“We were going to go to State,” he said. “I wanted to get to State so bad. I would do anything to go there.
“I wanted to be out there playing with my brothers, my senior friends like Nate, Colton, Potson, McDivitt,” he continued. “It meant a lot of us this season.”
Oswalt said his final season as the Brighton Skipper was made special by the Class of 2014.
“We’ve been working with this senior group the last four years,” he said. “I started them early, him, Hathcock, Potson, McDivitt and Nate. It was a mixed group.
“We’ve been kind of working the last three years to get to this point again,” Oswalt concluded. “We made something happen there at the end. They were a really good group. Hope they pass it along to the next group.”

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