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Friends of Lola back home this Friday at Newby’s

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Friends of Lola in town

Last year Friends of Lola hit the music scene featuring two of Millington’s own Cyrena and Houston Wages.

The brother and sister combo joined forces with Gabe Rabben to create a unique Country music sound. Since debuting in 2013, the trio has been traveling and creating more music.

We have spent a lot of time writing new songs that we’re really excited about,” Rabben said. “We’ve been in and out of the studio recording demos that we hope to take to the next level soon with the appropriate producer. 

We’ve also been touring and trying to gain as many new fans as possible,” he continued. “We’ve played festivals and venues across Tennessee, the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, etc. We love it and will play anywhere they’ll give us a stage and a mic. We travel with seven of us in a five-passenger car. It’s wonderful and miserable at the same time. We just recently played The Bluebird in Nashville for the third time and played CMA Fest again for the second time. We’re having a ball.”

Now it’s time for Friends of Lola to continue the good times this Friday in Memphis.We’ll be playing at Newby’s on Highland,.in the Theater side this year,” Cyrena said. “There is nothing more fun than playing a hometown show. We think Millington is the best place in the world to be from (of course Gabe’s a little partial to California) and we think Memphis is the coolest music city there is, so we are always so excited to play at home.

Aside from the show part, it’s just an excuse for a huge friends and family reunion,” she continued. “We miss everyone. It’s going to be a blast. We hope people make an event out of it and bring their friends and help us pack the place.”

This Friday’s concert is just part of big plans for Friends of Lola to reach the masses.

We are in the middle of a lot of amazing opportunities,” Cyrena noted. “So much of the music business is being in the right place at the right time, and we feel like Nashville is the place and this is finally our time. We’ve worked hard for it, now we’re just anxious for it to We try to keep everyone updated on our facebook/twitter/instagram accounts,” she continued. “Folks can find us there and and stay in touch with us for all FOL news.”

Fans of FOL can help the trio out by donating to its Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter is a fundraising platform where artists and entrepreneurs of all sorts campaign to raise money for their particular endeavors,” Wages said. “Friends of Lola is currently completely independent, which means we have no backing by record labels, publishing, etc. Therefore, all the expenses of being a band (recording, touring, paying the musicians, etc.) come directly out of our pockets.

We’ve done it that way up until this point, but now we need a little help,” she added. “We’ve been presented with some awesome opportunities, but we don’t have the material we need to take advantage of these opportunities. So, that’s where the friends/family/fans come in. We’re campaigning to raise money to record our new songs and release video to go along with it. Then the goal is that we will get representation by a label or publishing co., and really be able to take Friends of Lola to the next level. We’re so grateful for everyone’s support.”

To donate go to and search for Friends of Lola.

The group’s first EP is still available on iTunes. You can find it at

We’re proud of that project, but hopefully we’ll be able to get these new songs out to everyone soon,” Wages said. “We feel really good about it and have solidified a sound that is uniquely ours.A little blend of modern country with traditional country, and some Fleetwood Mac, The Band, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young in there, too….a melting pot for sure,” she concluded. “We’ll be debuting several new songs at the Newby’s show. We hope to see some old Millington friends there, and we hope everyone has as much fun watching as we will have playing.”

Buy tickets here for this Friday’s concert at

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Doors open at 7:30 and the music starts at 8:30 for 18 years and older. The opening act will be Memphis locals Austin Carroll with Kristina Hanford and Canaan Cox” and “David Bradley.”

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