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Atoka Officer struck update

From Town of Atoka

Last week, the Atoka Police Department stopped an individual on Highway 51 just north of Main Street who had left the scene of an alleged crime in Atoka.

Two officers were able to bring the suspect vehicle to a stop and, upon exiting the vehicle, the suspect began fighting with our officers.

The officers were able to bring the Town of Atoka signsuspect to the ground and were in the process of handcuffing the individual when a vehicle, traveling north on Highway 51, ignoring the flashing blue and white lights on both police vehicles at the scene, impacted both of the officers.

One officer was knocked to the ground but was checked out on the scene with no major injuries. Officer Tommy Reinberg was also impacted – with the vehicle running over and crushing his foot and ankle.

Officer Reinberg, a member of the Atoka Police Department since 2006, was transported to the hospital following the accident and is now at home awaiting surgery – hopefully next week – to begin repairing the damage.

Officer Reinberg’s story, which was featured on local news station WMC Channel 5 last night, is a powerful reminder of the importance of moving over and slowing down for stopped emergency vehicles. Public employees – including police, fire, medical responders and public works staff members – are often required to work in close proximity to moving traffic. When you see vehicles stopped with warning lights active, please slow down and move over – giving them room to safely do their job in serving the public.

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