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Natural Wholesome Food

By Thelma LedfordGood Eats Ledford

Some folks think that natural foods do not taste good. Well, I disprove that all the time. I find that most people enjoy them better. Some people think that it costs too much to supplement. A man said to me, “It costs too much.” To which I replied, “So do wide screen TVs.” He said, “You mean my priorities are wrong.” Right! Some say that they do not have time to cook. Some tell me they do not even have time to eat. I discovered that people are not interested because their health insurance will not cover any of the cost. If you want to be well, you will be willing to sacrifice—that is what I had to do to be well. If you will not take time, then you do not want to be well.
It does take more time and effort to cook from scratch, but one can manage. Sacrifice a little TV or video games. You get the idea. Use a bread maker to bake your own whole grain bread, or if you have the finances you can buy ready-made sliced bread. There are some real good ones at the health food stores. Natural, wholesome food can be less expensive if you go back to the basics and cook from scratch. It is certainly tastes better and your body will be satisfied.
My grandkids spent summers with me for years. They are grown now, but they enjoyed these natural healthy foods. I noticed behavior changes after about two to three weeks in my home.  I always kept lots of homemade, whole grain muffins for them. They could eat several muffins a day. The fiber kept them from being hungry all the time. They both enjoyed them and drank lots of purified water from my special home water purification system. Also, I kept fresh veggies ready for snacks. While I was getting dinner I set the container on the table and they munched their salad. Be a Sneaky Cook! When people get too hungry they are prone to eat anything they can get quickly.  Keep healthy snacks available instead of junk.
Three meals a day are not enough for active children; that is why healthy snacks are so important. If they have a tendency to be couch potatoes, make them move. I kept my three sons busy—working.
Mom, your most important responsibility is providing healthy food for your family, not sports. Sports are good exercise, but they can be dangerous for young children whose bodies are low in protein and nutrients. Their knees and joints can be damaged.
Here is a favorite for small children: Use a slice of 100 precent whole wheat bread, and spread it with fresh ground peanut butter (health food store or natural with only peanuts). Give the children bits of fresh veggies, fruits, cereals, and let them make a face on it. Then eat it! They’ll love it.  Experiment! Only drink fresh pure water. No sugar drinks, colas, tea. If you do, you will have hyper-active children, plus sodas dissolve the bones. Here are some other food suggestions:
Ready mixed whole grain pancake flour is available at many stores today. Add rice, soy, or almond milk and a little extra oil or baking powder—with no aluminum. Top the pancakes with unsweetened applesauce, pecans, granola, and drizzle a little pure maple syrup on top. You won’t eat a dozen of these! Or blend frozen fruits with rice milk and pour over the pancakes—tastes like frozen ice cream, but with no sugar. I use vanilla or chocolate protein powder for sweetening when I eat dry cereal, and top with fruit. Avoid all artificial sweeteners. Bad! Bad! Guys!
Most grocery stores are carrying better eggs, but you can still find them locally. Now buffalo meat, beef grown without hormones, and many other natural whole foods can be found at your local grocery stores. When I look back at my years of experience, the things I learned, the sacrifices I had to make for my health and the health of my family, I can say that it has been worth the effort and expense. The kind of wholesome foods given to us in the early years will still affect our health in later years. I know you will never regret the effort and expense you put into your health by using wholesome food.
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