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Board authorizes agreement with TDOT for resurfacing Raleigh/Millington Road

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The Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously authorized an agreement this week with the state of Tennessee for resurfacing part of Raleigh-Millington Road.
Board members took the action Monday night during their regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Alderman Frankie Dakin and seconded by Alderman Hank Hawkins.
During discussion shortly before the vote, City Engineer Darek Baskin noted that Raleigh-Millington Road has been designated by the Tennessee Department of Transportation for assistance in repaving.
He said that, in response to Millington’s request, TDOT has submitted a “development contract” for a project that will be managed by the city to complete the resurfacing of Raleigh-Millington from Sykes Road south to Amherst Road.
Baskin reminded the board members that an economic stimulus grant was used in 2010 to repave Raleigh-Millington from Church Street to Sykes Road.
“This will be a continuation of that project,” he noted. “It will involve patching of some degraded sub-pavement and also restriping the road with bike lanes.”
The city engineer said the state has estimated that the total cost of the project will not exceed $710,000, which includes designs, engineering, construction, inspection and traffic control.
Because the state will fund 80 percent of that cost, he said the city will be required to provide a 20-percent match totaling $142,000.
Baskin said Millington’s Capital Improvement Program Fund still has the $125,000 that was allocated for paving in the 2013-14 fiscal year budget. And the remaining portion of the local match will come from this year’s allocation.
He said Raleigh-Millington is one of “several roadways in the city” that are in TDOT’s Urban Functional Classification System of Transportation Byways. Among the others are Church Street, Easley, portions of Wilkinsville Road and a portion of Bethuel Road.
“All of the projects that we paved back in 2010 were on the UFC map,” he noted. “We have paved a majority of those roads under TDOT’s locally managed development project program.”
For such projects to obtain federal funding, Baskin said, they must now include the installation of bike lanes.
Citing the bike lanes that are striped along Raleigh-Millington, he said they will be continued “at least down” to Pleasant Ridge Road. Whether they will be “cut off” there or extended south of Pleasant Place Subdivision will be based on the consultants’ recommendation.
In response to a question by Dakin, Baskin said the project “figures into” the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s bicycle and pedestrian Master Plan.
Dakin expressed hope that the city can “communicate” that, so bicyclists will travel north on Raleigh-Millington and stop in the city “for lunch.”
Baskin said the city will issue Requests for Proposals to design firms, and the contract for the designer will be submitted for the board’s approval. The project will then be advertised for bids, and the board will ultimately vote to award the construction contract.

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