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Coast 2 Coast hits Memphis

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On July 20, the nationally recognized independent artists showcase “Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Live Tour 2014” based out of Miami visited Memphis’ Hi-Tone Cafe located at 412 N. Cleveland Street as part of their monthly 10-city tour.
The event featured artists from all over the Tri-State Area as well as a few guest performers from Atlanta. The event featured entertainment, food and drinks.
Prior to the slated performers, DJ Q spun hits from artists such as Drake, Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj, and Three-Six Mafia.
Before each act “blessed” the stage with their performances, the guest judges: Lil Fats (CEO), DJ Q, Bigga Rankin, and Danny Mixtape (C2C tour manager and host) would approach the microphone to “hype” the crowd and give each performer an introduction.
At the beginning of the night, Danny Mixtape instructed the crowd to “Turn Up” and some would say that’s exactly what they did. With performers such as, Prince James featuring Price, J. Remy, K-Dub and Limitz, Pasdamonsta, Khris Kowabunga, Punkin C., Zilla Montana, Smokin City Records, 630 Nut (third place), M.U.M.I., Sir Relly (second place), Black Boy, D Magnum, featured artist YoungC Montana and the events winner Ladiique, one couldn’t resist the urge to “Turn Up”.
Ladiique (Miss.) took to the stage for her “first time” to perform her song “Ain’t No Need Fa Dat.” That very song won her the title as Winner of the “Coast 2 Coast Live Event 2014 Memphis Edition,” and has given her the opportunity to perform at the “Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Live Event 2014 Miami Edition”.
Throughout the night, the Hi-Tone staff could be spotted assisting with the setup as well as the serving of food and drinks. I personally witnessed them assist a young woman in getting home. Not only is the Hi-Tone staff professional, but they actually care about their patrons. A rarity in the business realm.
As the night wound down Danny Mixtape took a moment for a brief Q&A about the Coast 2 Coast Live Event 2014:
Achrijoli: Can you please state your name for the readers?
Danny Mixtape: Danny Mixtape – Coast 2 Coast Live tour manager and host.
Achrijoli: How long have you been holding the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Live tour?
D.M.: The Coast 2 Coast Live Mixtapes Tour has been around for about three years now. We originally started just doing Miami, Atlanta, and New York, and now we’ve branched out to doing 10 different cities every single month, including Atlanta, and Miami, and New York every single month.
Achrijoli: What is the objective? What do you plan to accomplish with the Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Live Tour?
D.M.: The objective of our company is to help independent artists reach the next plateaus in their careers. So what the Coast 2 Coast Live Tours does for them is it helps them learn how to perform on stage for one, it helps them, get their presence out there. So what our whole objective of that is to give that opportunity and a platform to different artists to explore themselves on stage, and let them see what they’re really about. Because, recording in the studio and performing a song are just two different things. So, when you come out here on stage, you learn to see the feedback from the crowd;your emotions on stage, so the whole objective, like I said is to give artists a platform to perform.
Achrijoli: How would an artist apply to perform at a Coast 2 Coast Live Event?
D.M.: They would have to go to and submit for their choice of event.
Achrijoli: Does the Coast 2 Coast Live event only cater to Hip-Hop acts or is any genre welcome?
D.M.: We specialize in Hip-Hop, but it is open to all genres as long as they follow the rules.
Achrijoli: Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?
D.M.: Okay. Coast 2 Coast Live will be coming to your city! Check the schedule Follow us on Instagram! @Coast2CoastMag, Hit me up @DannyMixtape, and uh, that’s about it. Shouts out to 305 House, best security guard on the planet.
The next Coast 2 Coast Live Event is on Oct. 19 in Nashville, visit to sign up to perform.
For more information on the Coast 2 Coast Live 2014 Event Follow Coast 2 Coast Live on twitter @C2CLIVEEVENTS.
Support local independent artists by following the performers on Twitter:
Prince James ft. Price –
K-Dub & Limitz –
Pasdamonsta –
Khris Kowabunga –
Zilla Montana –
Smokin City Records –
630 Nut –
M.U.M.I. –
Sir Relly –
Black Boy –
D Magnum –
YoungC Montana –

For more information on the events winner Ladiique please visit:
For more information on local entertainment news and rvents follow @Achrijoli on twitter.

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