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Millington Celebrates School System

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The triple digits outside Saturday had Flag City all heated up.
But the firestorm of support for Millington Municipal Schools inside the much cooler Millington Central High School Cafeteria illuminated the day. The celebration of Millington Municipal Schools sponsored by MMS, the city of Millington and Millington Education Foundation invited several special guests for moments of reflection, congratulation and anticipation.
“It been an awesome journey,” Millington Superintendent Dr. David Roper said. “We’ve just had the support of so many people to help all of this come together. We’ve been able to assemble a staff of folks who I think are going to be great for our school system. And the support we continue to get from the community has just meant so much to me personally because beginning a school system is a difficult task to say the least.”
Known in America every four years as Inauguration Day, January 20, 2014 was the arrival date for Roper in Millington. That cold day greeted Roper with a fresh Millington School Board, one staff member for MMS and much uncertainty from residents.
Roper got to work on helping to create Millington’s own school system. With helping hands like the Board, P.A.M.S., the Millington Transition Committee, the Millington Education Foundation and private supporters, the doors open to the four Millington schools Aug. 4 at MCHS, Millington Middle, Millington Elementary and E.A. Harrold Elementary.
Roper said the Celebration of Millington schools was a chance to say, ‘Thank you,’ to those who paid a role in creating MMS.
“It helps to create a since of oneness in the community,” he noted. “And realize we’re all in this together that to the extent we can all pull together and be on the same page. What we can accomplish will be unreal.”
The host of the event was the Millington Education Foundation’s Cary Vaughn. Special guest in attendance were Ernie Carter and Dr. Jim Mitchell, State Representative Ron Lollar, Shelby County Commissioner Terry Roland and Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell. Other speakers to the microphone were Millington School Board Chairman Greg Ritter and Millington Vice Mayor Chris Ford.
Several students from the four Millington Schools participated in the ceremony and Roper introduced the principals Mandy Compton (E.A. Harrold), Kathy Wilson (Millington Elementary), Selina Sparkman (Millington Middle) and Clint Durley (MCHS).
The principals recognized all there staff members and faculty who helped in the journey to the first day of school. Roper said it was important to shine the spotlight on all the behind the scenes people who helped create MMS and those who stood on the front line from the first day.
“I hope history says what we did made the difference in the lives of our students,” Roper concluded. “I confident it will.”

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