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The Cellular Effect debuts in Memphis Sept. 18

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Patrick Love
Patrick Love

Almost everybody in the dating world has a cell phone, Instagram account, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

And all those entities have caused problems in relationships. About 3 years ago, local author Leticia Ross placed a spotlight on those issues with her book The Cellular Effect. Now the book is coming to life on the big screen Sept. 18 at the Malco Paradiso in Memphis in the film The Cellular Effect. The movie adaption will feature several local actors including Millington’s own Patrick Love as Brody.

In the movie I have a best friend who calls me Jay,” Love noted. “I’m the type of friend who is real tough on his friend trying to straighten him out, talking about getting him right. But I’m real crazy with it.”

Love provides some comedy relief in the film.

This topic is effecting everybody, how social media effects most relationships,” he said. “It’s three married couples. It will talk about their dealings with the Facebook, the Twitter and the social media like cheating through texting. People get caught up, and if you talk about cheating enough you’re eventually get caught up in something,” he added. “Real stuff happens in this movie right here. We covered topics most people are scared to touch. We get real deep into it. You go through the drama, but God still will be there in the end. God has the final result and say-so. You still bring it to God in the end.”

The Cellular Effect written and director by Leticia Ross will debut in at the Malco Paradiso for two shows at 7 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. The movie focusing how texting and social media effects three married couples. The movie produced by 305 Studios with Blink Williams and Patrick Jackson will feature a soundtrack by Memphis artists.

Love, 32, has been involved in acting for several since. The Millington resident started to build his acting muscle prior to his graduation from Millington Central High School in 2000 at the Baker Community Center at the age of 16. It was 8 years ago Love stopped taking to the stage giving up acting. Then Ross approached him for this project in 2013.

There’s no more stage plays or theater,” Love recalled. “I am done with everything. I’m not doing it anymore. Then I got that call from Ticia. I meet her through Facebook. She and I started talking about the book and the movie. It’s a wonderful feeling to be on the big screen now.”

Love said it took no time to dust off his acting skills and get into character.

Be myself,” he noted. “Ticia had come to me and said, ‘I have a role for you. Do you want it? You’re serious but yet you’re funny.’ I told her, ‘I got that. I got you.’”

The project started in 2013 and once 305 Studios jumped on board, The Cellular Effect met all deadlines for its September 18 release.

We except people to talk especially if they bring their boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives,” Love said. “Sometime during this movie, you might get that look. ‘You be doing this right here.’ You might ask yourself, ‘Why does a person have to leave from the room to talk on the cell phone?’”

Love said he hopes the Millington area will come out and support him and the film. He added the movie will entertain, inform and touch many.

Some point or time in your life, we’ve all been through it,” he concluded. “We’ve all had to deal with this thing called the Cellular Effect. You’ve got a cell phone, you’ve dealt with it at some point or time in your life.”

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