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Contrary to Popular Belief it’s Not You Against the World

By Mike T. SmithOpen Mike for web

That should make you feel better already, shouldn’t it?
Sure that quote sells thousands of downloads on iTunes, but it creates a victim mentality, and that mentality never produces winners. It never produces good results. The only thing it produces is an angry bitter attitude, and that creates an angry bitter attitude. I’ll admit that used to be me and the phrase, “It’s me against the world’ has been floating around for as long as I can remember. It’s been in music, on movies, and it may be one of the most popular status updates on Facebook.
Listen, we all have adversity in our lives. We all have our life stories full of heroes and villains. I do. You do. No one is exempt from it. It’s just the way it is. The truth is you are surrounded by people who want you to succeed. You may not be able to see it because you’ve been conditioned to believe that the world is out to get you, so that’s what you’re looking for. You’re constantly on defense, just daring someone to keep you from living the life that you deserve, so you can show then not to screw with you and then you can verbally tear into them. If you are so busy being weary of everyone out to get you, how will you ever notice the people who are on your team? They’re out there. It’s the coach who pushes you to do your best, the teacher that takes the time with you after class to help when you struggle, the parent that won’t accept anything less than your best effort, and you can’t help but notice the trainer with biceps that are bigger than your thighs pushing you to get one more rep in the weight room.
It’s true there are some terrible, nasty people out there who want to see you fail, but if you pay attention you’ll notice Team “insert your first name here” that’s been in your corner the whole time cheering you on. I hang out with people who ant to see everybody succeed as long as their willing to learn and put in the work.
That’s all we ask. So stop buying into the belief that the world is out to get you. I know it’s hard for you to see now, because our culture teaches you to screw or be screwed, get them before they get you. I remember those days, I was there. It is when we carry that attitude around that turns most people off and then they treat you how you treat them, usually by defense. It creates a negative cycle that goes all around the world.
You can start a new positive cycle today by having a grateful attitude. Be the change you want to see in the world.
Mike T. Smith is a youth speaker and the author of the highly acclaimed book for teens ‘O.W.N. I.T. The Teen’s Cheat Codes to Life.’ This article is an excerpt from the book. To get an autographed copy of the book you can catch Mike eating breakfast at Chick-Fil-A or go to
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