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E-Cycling in Millington: Free City Event Oct. 11

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On Saturday, Oct. 11 from 7 a.m. to noon, the city of Millington and the Millington City Beautiful Commission will sponsor Millington Green and Clean Day at 4901 Jack Huffman Blvd (Biloxi Street) near the Public Works building.
Bring your electronic equipment to dispose of in an “earth-friendly” way. You can bring almost anything that plugs in except those items that contain refrigerants. Lamps, computers, tvs, power tools and printers are examples of acceptable items.
Millington City Beautiful has retained Cyberyard, a Memphis E-Cycle processing center, to accept electronic items at the Millington Green and Clean Day. Cyberyard will safely destroy used hard drives. E-cycling or electronic recycling is a process for taking electronic equipment that is broken or out of date and recovering value for their components. Sometimes the parts are more valuable or easier to dispose of than the whole piece of equipment. You may not be able to recycle an entire PC or monitor due to changing technology but the glass, metal and plastic parts can usually be recycled and reused in other manufacturing applications. Once all of the components are recycled, the remaining product is converted to raw materials for commodity extraction. The resulting raw materials can go to glass refineries, copper refineries and scrap metal processors.
Additionally, the Millington Recycling Center will be open for recycling of plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard and newspapers. Volunteers will assist in removing items from your vehicle. Over the past five years, Millington residents have recycled approximately
7,000 pounds of glass, plastic, aluminum and cardboard.
Millington area residents are encouraged to participate in Millington Green and Clean Day on Oct. 11.
According to Caryl Rawls,Chair of Millington Green & Clean Day, “This is an excellent opportunity for the Millington community to help keep our town clean. You can start gathering your unwanted electronic equipment and recycling items. It’s a terrific way to get rid of unused electronic items and keep them out of the landfill.”. The event is free to all city and reserve Millington residents.
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