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Millican-Hubbard makes family proud, newest star at Memphis International Raceway

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Leigh 5 Leigh 1

Racing is in a Millican’s blood.
From the family patriarch Jimmie and his wife Martha racing at Lakeland International Raceway to their grandson Dalton, the Millicans have built a racing name in the Mid-South for decades. Maybe the best known in the group from Drummonds is Clay Millican, winner of several IHRA Hot Rod championships.
Now the latest Millican making racing headlines is Clay’s sister Leigh Millican-Hubbard. The track the Millican’s have called home since the late 1980s is now the place where Millican-Hubbard has won three times in the Super Pro-140.
She has blasted down the track of Memphis International Raceway in 4.9 seconds in the eight-mile track earning three wins this season and finished in the top four of the points championship.
“It’s very surreal,” Millican-Hubbard said. “I’ve been around racing my whole life and all of sudden I am the one in the winner’s circle.”
Millican-Hubbard, along with the support of her husband of 17 years Cliff and H&H Motorsports, took to the track in June 2013 in her Super Pro car.
Before getting behind the controls, Millican-Hubbard became familiar with racing through family trips to Jackson, Tenn., Byhalia and Myrtle, Miss. Cliff Hubbard became with the familiar with the Millicans and helped educate Clay on bracket racing leading to his successful run in IHRA.
Now Cliff is working along side his wife in helping her reach goals.
“He said after my first win, ‘It’s the happiest feeling in my whole entire life,’” Leigh recalled. “I reminded him, what our daughter, a marriage. But I must admit it one of the happiest tiems for me too, ever.”
While there daughter Priscilla does barrell racing on a four-legged horse, the Hubbards are on four wheels at MIR regularly. Millican-Hubbard picked up her first win in the Powder Coating Super Pro class on Aug. 10, 2013. Her most recent victory was on Aug. 23 of this year.
Millican-Hubbard has three wins in 13 career starts. When she started her goal was to be in the top10 in points. Entering 2014, Millican-Hubbard set her eyes on top 5, earning fourth.
When the 2015 season starts at MIR,  Millican-Hubbard wants to added a championship trophy to the family collection.
The wins and awards are racking up for Millican-Hubbard. She was the recent honoree of the IronMan IHRA trophy for her last event in 2014.
Continuing the family’s legacy in racing is another reward for Millican-Hubbard. But her biggest accomplishment is calling her father after a race or a victory.
“I think the most meaningful thing is my Daddy is the most proud,” she said. “He’s the top in the family. He put that in the blood for us. He’s seen Clay and has been there for Clay.
“He saw how hard he had to work and Daddy knows what it takes in competition,” Millican-Hubbard concluded. “He knows how hard it is. So that makes it special when he calls and tells me he’s proud of me.”

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