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Mi Hija: Marluzby’s is newest Mexican restaurant in Millington

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By Thomas Sellers Jr.

September 22 the Millington Area Chamber of Commerce and other Millington dignitaries welcomed the newest restaurant to town with Marluzby’s.
Named after the daughter of owners Mario and Elizabeth Cortez from Mexico, the new eatery located at 6646 Highway 51 North will feature authentic Mexican food.
“Marluzby’s is the namesake,” Eddie Guzman, general manager of Paige Properties said. “It happens to be the daughter of Mario and Elizabeth Cortez. Much like myself, a Cuban immigrant in this country, they’re going to have everyone in their entire family working here at the restaurant. They’re going to have a very traditional type of cuisine  here.
Guzman has been a part of the process of bringing Marluzby’s to it’s new location just south of Plantation Oaks.
“This is the grand opening for Marluzby’s Mexican Restaurant,” Guzman said. “We’re so excited to boost a new business in the Millington area. The Cortez family has come from Mexico, small business owners. They have been in the United States for 9 years.
“They choose Millington as a good home base for their business here in the United States,” he added. “They want to be engrained into the fabric of Millington, as well as the fine Military community we have with the NSA Mid-South.”
The Cortez family will run and operate their business featuring authentic Mexican dishes like guacamole and Mexican spaghetti. Marluzby’s is occupying the location were former restaurants Cattleman Jack’s and Neighborhood Bistro called home.
Marluzby’s joins the Millington Mexican restaurant scene with Los Pilares, Francisco’s, Los Reyes and El Mezcal.
“There’s nothing wrong with our other partners in the Mexican restaurant industry in Millington,” Guzman said, “as you very well know we don’t have anything as far as the South end of 385 as for an eatery. Any type from fast food to fine dining, so they are on point in regards to starting a business here.”
On Sept. 18, some Millington’s leaders and members of the Rotary Club got a buffet preview of Marluzby’s. Mayor Terry Jones, some aldermen and other dignitaries got a taste of the menu and gave positive reviews.
Monday’s grand opening featured members of the Chamber including President Charles Gulotta introducing the family and staff.
For more information about Marluzby’s call 872-0330.

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