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MCHS grads bring Trojan Sports videos to their hometown

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

From left Steve Smith, Kirk Orman & Jason Dupree

From left Steve Smith, Kirk Orman & Jason Dupree

There are many traditions involved with Millington Trojans Football.
From the chants, to the Black and Gold and honoring the numbers 29 for Mario Reed and 87 for Dana Payne, Trojan Football has many rituals of pride.
Known as “Running Back High” in West Tennessee, Millington Central High School has added another tradition in recent years, The 2-Minute Highlight on
And the men behind the weekly feature during the past three seasons, MCHS graduates Steve Smith (Class of 1988), Jason Dupree (Class of 1986) and Kirk Orman (Class of 1982).
A few years ago Smith purchased a camera to assist on a hunting show in Covington. He brought the camera to Trojan Football games filming from the stands.
Then one night in Jackson, Smith gained access to the sideline and aimed his camera directly at the action between the Trojans and Jackson North Side Indians. After the footage impressed Millington Head Coach Chris Michael, the berth of the 2-Minute Highlight and Hometown Videos was born.
“Chris said at the banquet that year, ‘Dude, you need to be down on the field more often,’” Smith recalled. “‘It’s a lot better. You get some great shots.’
“Jason invested in cameras and started running the camera on the box,” he continued. “We were doing all of that for fun. So we thought, ‘Man, we’ve got all this money tied up in cameras. We need to start paying for them.’ That’s when we started doing weddings and stuff. We were scared to death. But that’s how we got into the actual business part of it.”
What the trio does on Friday night is for free and fun. Smith, Dupree and Orman are proud Trojan graduates and who to showcase “The Boys of Fall.”
“It really just boiled down to making these young men highlights after every game to fire them up and get them excited,” Smith noted. “They run up to you all excited like little kids, ‘Man I did this!’ We really enjoyed it too.”
Trojan faithful, players and coaches can search Millington Trojan Sports on Youtube to find the 2014 highlights. Older videos are available under Steve Smith on the site.
Usually running slightly more than a couple of minutes, the highlights of the game are set to music and feature slow motion clips, replays and some behind the scenes action.
With Dupree running the camera on the press box, Orman handling the end zone camera and Smith roaming the sidelines, the trio doesn’t miss much allowing the Trojan coaching staff to have all angles of the game.
“Chris started to depend on them for the game film,” Smith said. “I don’t hear from Chris all week. He doesn’t have to worry. He just knows we’ll be here and set this up. We’re going to be up there and at the end of the game we’re going to hand him 2 LSD cards.”
Michael can count on Hometown Video being at every game and so can Trojan Football fans. Now the 2-Minute Highlight is a part of Millington gridiron action like a Mark Healy ‘Trojans’ first-down’ call over the public address system.
“They give me so much footage, I don’t want to leave anything out,” Smith concluded. “It normally goes more than 2 minutes. And every second is enjoyable.”
The trio will be on the sidelines this Friday at 7 p.m. when the Millington Trojans take on the Arlington Tigers in Arlington for first place in District 14-3A. Hometown Video is in the process of developing its website. For more information, call Smith at 508-4200 or Dupree at 848-4227.

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