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School Board awards $1,170,900 bid to repair two roofs at MCHS

By Bill ShortMillington Schools logo

The Millington School Board voted unanimously this week to award a $1,170,900 bid to a Memphis company to repair two roofs at Millington Central High School.
Board members took the action Monday night during their regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Louise Kennon and seconded by Cody Childress.
Dr. David Roper, superintendent of Millington Municipal Schools, said shortly before the vote that a “very careful, methodical and somewhat extended process” led to the opening of bids submitted for the roofing project.
He recommended that the board approve the low bid by Jessie-Bryant Roofing Inc. to replace the roofs on the MCHS Gymnasium and Freshmen Academy.
Roper noted that the “structure” of the Freshmen Academy roof and everything involved in its “proper buildup and slope” make its replacement more costly than the municipal school district administrators had hoped it would be.
He acknowledged that the low bid is $70,900 higher than the $1.1 million appropriated by the Shelby County Commission at its May 12 meeting. So, he has engaged in “extended discussions” with Bruce Rasmussen, supervisor of Financial Services for the school district.
Because of some “contingencies,” Roper said the repair cost could ultimately be “slightly lower” than the bid amount. But he noted that the school system’s budget has “several categories” with sufficient funds to cover any kind of cost “overrun.”
“All indications are that this is a very reputable local company,” he said. “It is fully credentialed and qualified to put the kind of roofing system on that’s needed for this particular job.”
Jerry Hartsfield of the architectural firm TLM Associates Inc. in Jackson said the successful bidder will use the Garland Modified Bitumen roofing system for the project.
In response to a question by board member Don Holsinger, Hartsfield said the bid includes “contingency money” amounting to $9,000 for each 1,000 square feet to repair the “decking.”
“If you had a bad section of decking,” he noted, “that would be the first place you would use it.”
Because the roof on the gymnasium is not “damaged” like the one on the Freshmen Academy, Hartsfield said it is “a little bit different.”
He noted that the Academy roof had water between the roofing layers all the way down to the deck, while there were only “spots” on the gym roof.
The Academy roof will be “completely removed” all the way down to the deck, he said. Then, an “insulation buildup” of one-quarter inch for each foot will be put on the roof.
Hartsfield said the gym roof will be “pulled back,” and the insulation that is there will be used. But the entire gym will get a new roof that has a strong 20-year warranty.
In response to a question by board Chairman Greg Ritter, Roper said the “moisture buildup” in the Freshmen Academy caused a “mold problem” in some parts of the building. That must be addressed after the roof is replaced, so the building can be “properly occupied.”
Hartsfield said the roofing company will be ready to start work after it receives notice of the award. And the bid specifications require the project to be completed within 120 days.

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