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Former Mayor Hodges Sentenced to Probation


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Richard Hodges

Richard Hodges

Richard Hodges, former Mayor of the city of Millington, has been sentenced to a period of probation of three years by Judge Paula L. Skahan.

On Sept. 8, Hodges entered a guilty plea to the charge of facilitation of bribery. His lawyer, Tommy Parker of Baker Donelson stated, “In recognition of Mr. Hodges’ lack of a criminal record, his life of service and the infraction itself, Judge Skahan appropriately sentenced Mr. Hodges to probation rather than incarceration. Mr. Hodges wants the people of Millington to know that he made a mistake and regrets his actions. He never intended to be a distraction for his community. Nevertheless, it is important the people of Millington know that this case was not a huge corruption scandal. Although law enforcement certainly tried to find a wave of corruption during their extensive grand jury investigation. The good news for Millington is that there was not such wave of corruption to be found. Mr. Hodges entered a guilty plea based on conversations with an old friend, Marlin Roberts, about borrowing money — a few hundred dollars. Because he was a public official, Richard Hodges should not have agreed to include an honorary police badge in return for that loan. No money changed hands during the investigation.”

“This matter is forever marked by the death of Mr. Hodges’ wife of 35 years, Rita, who died the day before law enforcement officers executed search warrants in this matter and interviewed him. In January 2012, while this case was pending, Mr. Hodges chose to resign his position as Mayor of Millington so the community could move forward. Now, after three years, the case is over and hopefully everyone can move forward.”


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