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Letter to Editor: Support the Trojans

Dear Editor:
Those of you who missed the Trojans vs. Lawrence County football game Friday night missed a great opportunity to support our school (Millington Central High School).
1. Only about 70 supporterFootball Close Up on Fields were present outside of coaches, workers and news people.
2. No school superintendent, no School Board members and no school principal. One assistant principal exception, Beth Hale who is always there.
3. No Mayor, No City Manager, No Alderman, exception Hank Hawkins who is always there also.
4. No cheerleaders, no band
I have seen NFL games. I have seen SEC games. I saw the best game I have ever seen Friday night. I know some of you may feel that is a stretch. Here is why it was a wonderful memory maker:
1. Our opponents had pretty much written us off. I am sure of this because I spoke with a friend over there.
2. Our team played with determination and followed the coach’s instructions with heart and effort to the best of their ability.
3. Our coaches led by Chris Michaels are all dedicated to our kids and are there teaching and leading them because they want to be there and care about them. We are fortunate to have Coach Michael.
4. Once again, the team. They deserve our support.
The city and school board need to get together and use their discretionary funds and provide nice buses and meals on the Henry County trip. If that has already been done, the Trojan supporters will be happy and grateful.
We wanted our own school system. The football team and athletics in general are important elements of that system. I write this as an advocate because I and many others have supported many Trojan events academics as well as athletic for the past 30 years. I hope many of you make the trip. If I need to apologize to anyone come and see me.

Jack Leonard

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