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Rising Star

By Achrijoli ChanteuseAngela Perry headshot

Get ready people, in the upcoming weeks I will share business, social and emotional knowledge of how to reach your stardom.
Ask yourself “do you really want to make it?”.Are you willing to put in the work? Ok, start with your prayer to your higher power,you’ll need all the help you can to go from start to finish.
Success comes on many levels and there’s more than one way to get there.
If you’re in school get into some art programs. On every scale there are opportunities: community events, freebies, sponsorships, grants,etc.
Beware of the “dream killers” and “dream steamers”, the ones who try to make you feel bad inside by saying things such as “you do know you’re never going to make it, right?”. Those that say, “well you really don’t have the look or the style.”
Surround yourself with people who admire your talent or at least your tenacity and perseverance.
Don’t know any? Don’t worry, that information will be in part II of this column.
For every “nay” you’ve got a “yea”. Help to change the world with what you do, and once you’ve achieved your goal reach back and help someone else climb that ladder. You won’t fail until you give up,and nothing beats a failure but a try.
For every reason you think will hinder your advancement, I  have come up with a reason why it won’t. So here is some motivational words of advice: learn to “toot” your own horn.
Let people know what you will/have achieved.
An older man once told me “it’s a poor dog that won’t wag its own tail.” So to that I say wag it forever and always. Pick five relevant people in your field. Why five, you ask? Because I like that number.
If you want more or less go for it. Read everything you can about them starting with magazine and news articles. Make a list if their positive points and don’t be so quick to judge or see them in a negative light.
Never believe everything you read. Keep In mind nobody’s perfect but it’s their perfect imperfections that makes them unique.Keep a journal of every one of your articles.
Remember the “dream killers” and “dream stealers”, some of them just so happen to be writers that write with a “poisoned pen” and they just might write about you someday.
Write out what you like and admire about the people whose shoes you’d like to walk in someday. What you don’t care for leave it off. What you’re trying to do is establish an image of what you are and where you want to go in life.
If you already know you may skip this part and note your attributes. Find your weaknesses and improve them. With this said and done, get ready to go forth and make your mark on the world. You have to have a vision/dream in life: don’t let it stop because you woke up, make it happen. I can hardly wait to see who will become the next “Rising Star”. See me next time for part two… T.T.Y.L. (talk to you later) If you’d like to share info or advice hit me up @ or
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