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The 13 Things I love Most About Christmas

By Mike T. SmithOpen Mike for web

1) Christmas break. It was cool when I was in school.. It’s even better now having a few more hours a day with my kids, and no homework to help with.
2) Good food. This is the South after all.
3) Family. My nephews are already taller than me. Why not have the entire family to witness this in person?
4) Receiving Presents. I won’t lie. I like getting things.
5) Giving Presents. I like giving things, even more so than receiving. I’ll admit it took me years to finally realize this.
6) Road Trips. It’s always good to get away, even if it’s eating at the same restaurant chain that’s three minutes from my house. It’s still different. Well, it’s a little different.
7) Cold Weather. If there’s one cold day a year. Make it Christmas Day.
8) Christmas movies. I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people that watch a different Christmas movie every night from Thanksgiving until New Year’s. Have you seen the snowball fight on Elf? The ultimate brother bonding moment.
9) The classic Christmas shows on TV. Except for Rudolph. Has anyone else noticed how cold and judgmental the elves at the North Pole are in this classic? What’s wrong with Hermey wanting to be a dentist? It’s an admirable profession. Even Santa is a snotty old dude on there. He loved Rudolph the first time he saw him fly, then hated him when he saw the red nose, and then loved him when he needed him again because of the snowstorm. Very uncool of old St. Nick. Check the end credits next time you watch it. There’s no snow falling.
10) Saying Merry Christmas as the closing to every conversation that I have with strangers. My adult self really loves talking to strangers.
11) Visiting Santa. No other Santa will ever compare to the Wells Station Santa from the old neighborhood. He knew your name and what you wanted before you walked on stage. Creepy and cool at the same time.
12) Driving around looking at Christmas lights. What a great time for the price of gas to drop.
13) Celebrating the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Above all else, it is the reason for the season.
Merry Christmas to all you you! God bless.
Mike T. Smith is a youth motivational speaker and a Christmas fanatic who doesn’t own a single ugly Christmas sweater, but he makes it up with a drawer full of ugly Christmas socks. For a special Christmas message from Mike sign up for his newsletter at  or to

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