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Birth of Christ

By Jim Rast

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY LOGOThe identity of man is consisting of three manifestations 1. Body- is a worldly physical presence 2. Soul-is the life in the body, the terrestrial and the celestial (I Corinthian 15:44)  3. Spirit- is the essence of thought in the mind where the power of choice of love resides. The body can exist for a brief period of time without life or spirit. The spirit can exist with the Lord without the body. The soul (life) can exist in the body without the spirit. These are the three manifestations.
Our Lord came in the 1. body of man, 2. life in the body and in the 3.spirit of God. His body was as ours before the resurrection sending messages of the desires of the flesh to the mind. When his body was hungry, it sent the message to his spirit to feed it, when tired a message was sent to rest and  in all things pertaining to the body it sent messages to the mind of Christ. This was the trying of the flesh of our Lord and was very important and necessary. (Galatians. 5:17) Important in that he be tried as we which comes upon all people in the flesh and necessary for Christ to resist and be sinless to break the curse. He had to be sinless by keeping all Commandments and yet shed blood as a sinner which would make a door in the wall of the curse between God and men for those who would seek God’s will. Jesus made the way through the curse for us, if we join with Christ in his death by our love for him.
The life is referred to in the scriptures when speaking of souls. We see in the scripture when it says, “God breathe the breath of life into Adam and he became a living soul.” (Genesis. 2:7 KJV) “All souls belong to God.” “Fear not who can kill your body, but fear the One who can destroy body and soul” (Matthew. 10:28) This says anyone, even Satan, can kill your body, but only God can destroy your life. “Absent from the body, present with the Lord.” (II Corinthians. 5:8)
We see In the mind (spirit) of Christ is love, love for God and for man. Jesus could have terminated his subjection to man, the flesh and the curse at anytime. The termination would be not be of any diminution of his relation to the Father or glory for he and the Father are one. The man, Adam, broke the relationship with God by his lack of love for God with a bad choice for what he loved most, Eve. (Romans 5:12) The second Adam, Jesus, gives us another choice of love, God/Jesus. Jesus, in his mind, would resist the messages of the flesh as opposite to the thoughts of the first Adam because of Jesus’ love for us and through this  strength of love he resisted temptations remaining sinless and braking the curse for us upon his death. Now, by our choice to love him we are given a way to approach and have a relationship with God/Jesus.
We now have laid out in what form Jesus came to be born. Let us examine the         “Immaculate Conception”. (meaning-Prefectly Conceived)
We will bring forth all scriptures relating to his perfect conception.
Mary, his mother was.
1. Beloved of God.  “highly favored” (Luke 1:28)
2. Righteous. “Blessed art thou among women” (Luke 1:28)
3. Not been defiled by man, she was a virgin. (Luke 1:27)
4. Right blood, her linage was given from Adam. (Luke 3)
5. Her heart had loving trust for God for she said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it unto me according to thy word”. (Luke 1:38)
Born as a man with blood.
All men are born with half of the blood of their mother and half of that of their father, even our science testifies to that. (We have 22 chromosome of our mother and 22 chromosome of our father with the father giving the sex chromosome of x or y for male or female) God is the Father of Christ. “The only begotten son” (I John 5:1) Begotten means offspring- born of.
Please do not judge me hard when I ask you to consider this. What if we consider that the Holy Spirit gave Mary’s egg of Jesus the other half of  Adam’s blood. Mary’s linage is clear from Adam as given in Luke 3 for her to have at least half of Adam’s blood. This is why I think the scriptures were particular in recording this. Then Jesus, the second Adam (I Cor. 15:45), would have the same blood as the first Adam that was cursed because of his sin and that blood was not shed. “Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.” (Hebrews 9:22) If all men are born under the curse of Adam, could we consider that our Lord was born under this curse? And if Jesus was born under the curse and lived a sinless life, what does that do to the curse? The first Adam sinned and shed not his blood. The second Adam, Jesus, sinned not yet did shed his blood. Now if we think of the blood in Jesus’ veins is the same as the first Adam and it is made sinless by Jesus’ sinless life and is shed, the curse can be broken for those who believe through the power of love they have for their Christ.
Born as man in flesh.
Jesus was begotten as man in flesh through the womb in the body and blood and Adam was created out of the earth. The first Adam is called the son of God. (Luke 3:38) Jesus is called the begotten son of God.(I John 4:9) Both men were  born with the desires of the flesh. Forgive me in calling our Lord a man of desires, but he had to be to save us through his work as a man and not sinning..
Born in the place prophesied
In Micah 5:2, it was prophesied where Christ would be born in Bethlehem, which means “house of bread”, in Judea. That is where the manger was.
How did the three Maggi (wise men) know when and  where Jesus would be born. The Maggi men were out of the tribe of the Chaldeans who were of the tribe of Abraham’s father, who was a descendant of Shem in the southern part of Babylon. When Nebuchadrezzar brought the people and priests of Jerusalem to Babylon, the priests brought with them the ancient writings and scriptures with them; in these were the prophecies. The Chaldeans knew why they were following the star because they brought the appropriate gifts for the birth of a king. They had studied these writings. Many people in many of the lands around Cannan had hear the stories of the God of Israel, most especially Nebuchadrezzar.  God blessed them by giving them a star to follow.
These things happened that you might see and believe.
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