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Division of Water Resources
William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 11th Floor
Nashville, Tennessee 37243

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: The application described below has been submitted for an Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit under The Tennessee Water Quality Control Act of 1977, T.C.A. ?69-3-108. In addition, federal permits may be required from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Tennessee Valley Authority under ?404 of the Clean Water Act and ?26a of the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, respectively. Section 401 of the Clean Water Act requires that an applicant obtain a water quality certification from the state when a federal permit is required. This notice may cover applications subject to ?401.

No decision has been made whether to issue or deny this permit. The purpose of this notice is to inform interested parties of this permit application and to ask for comments and information neccessary to determine possible impacts to water quality. Persons wishing to comment on the proposal are invited to submit written comments to the department. Written comments must be received within thirty days of the date that this notice is posted. Comments will become part of the record and will be considered in the final decision. The applicant?s name and permit number should be referenced. The permit application, supporting documentation including detailed plans and maps, and related comments are available for review and/or copying at the department?s natural resources section.

Interested persons may also request in writing that the department hold a public hearing on this application. The request must be filed within the comment period, indicate the interest of the person requesting it, the reasons that the hearing is warranted, and the water quality issues being raised. When there is sufficient public interest in water quality issues, the department shall hold a public hearing in accordance with 0400-40-07-.04(4)(f).

In deciding whether to issue or deny a permit, the department will consider all comments of record and the requirements of applicable federal and state laws. In making this decision, a determination will be made regarding the lost value of the resource compared to the value of any proposed mitigation. The department shall consider practicable alternatives to the alteration. The department shall also consider loss waters of habitat, diminishment in biological diversity, cumulative or secondary impacts to the water resource, and adverse impact to unique, high quality, or impaired waters.


Jon Allegretti
Meritract LLC
1798 Robson Drive
Upper Saint Clair, PA 15241
(412) 491-6371

LOCATION: Located on Raleigh-Millington Road, adjacent to the Loosahatchie River and across from the Charles W. Baker Airport, just southwest of Millington. Lattitude 35.2727 longitude 89.9222

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The applicant proposed to create a Wetland Mitigation Bank along the Loosahatchie River in Shelby County. The proposed Loosahatchie River Mitigation Bank (Bank) will be used to offset unavoidable impacts to jurisdictional wetlands in the Loosahatchie River watershed (HUC 08010209).

The Bank will restore approximately 238 acres that is currently in crop production to bottomland hardwood wetlands. These acres will be planted with native wetland trees, shrubs and graminoid species. In addition, the Bank proposes to enhance approximately 85 acres of existing low resource wetlands to higher resource value wetlands with invasive/exotic species removal, plantings, plugging of drainage way 3, construction of wildlife mounds and nesting boxes.

The Bank will be monitored for at least 10 years with annual reports submitted to the Interagency Review Team (IRT).

DEGRADATION: In accordance with the Tennessee Antidegradation Statement (Rule 0400-40-03-.06), the division has determined that the proposed activities will not result in degradation to water quality.

WATERSHED / WATERBODY DESCRIPTION: The proposed project lies within the Loosahatchie River Watershed. More information can be found at


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