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Free Gift

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

BUS Ritter ATV winner 1 BUS Ritter ATV Winner 2 BUS Ritter ATV winner 3In Ritterwide contest, the grand prize of a 2014 ATV went to area residents Terry and Erika Free Dec. 15.
The couple stopped by the 4880 Navy Road location in Millington to claim the shiny blue four-wheeler.
“It feels great,” Erika said. “It’s amazing. We’ve never won anything before. So this was a big, big surprise. This was amazing. We have boys at home with plenty of land, so they get to ride it and they’re really excited.”
Terry said he won back in October when he married Erika.
“Maybe the two of us together is the winning combo,” he said.
The latest win for the Free family was an estimated $6,500 ATV from the Yamaha Dealership in Millington. The announcement of the contest came in September at Goat Days to promote the new unlimited data at Ritter.
New customers and existing ones upgrading were eligible across Arkansas and West Tennessee. And it was the honor of the crew at Ritter in Millington to present the Free family with the grand prize.
“This is a great Christmas gift,” Erika concluded. “We’re new customers. We were just happy about the service. This is so amazing.”

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