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2015 READERS’ CHOICE: Woman of the Year Janet Black

Janet Black 1For the first time in The Millington Star Readers’ Choice history, the Woman of the Year is a repeat winner.
Like in 2014, the public has voted Dr. Janet Black Woman of the Year for 2015. The owner of Comprehensive Family Dentistry located at 8127 Highway 51 North, was shocked by winning again and the historic significance.
“That’s quite amazing,” she said. “I’m flattered. Wait, that’s the wrong word… I’m honored. That’s very exciting. I don’t take that lightly at all. It says a lot for us here, working hard, doing the best for our patiences and for the community. I appreciate that.
“That is very heart-warming,” Black added. “It tells me that the vision we have here for this office is working. The vision for the team and I, is to provide professional and precession care to our patients. We want to provide that in an atmosphere that is serene and comfortable. We’re getting there. We’re seeing that vision come to fruition.”
Moving to Millington in 1999, the Jamaican native made her passion of dentistry her profession, following in her uncle’s footsteps.
Black and her staff at Comprehensive Family Dentistry have been bringing her visions to life since August 2005.
Black said the staff at Comprehensive work as a cohesive unit to serve the public in a peaceful, caring environment. On the team are hygienist Michelle Johnson, front office personal Jasmine Brown and Renee Carter and insurance/financial coordinator Patty White.
All those involved with Comprehensive Family Dentistry fulfill the mission, philosophy and vision statements of Black.
“Our vision is to provide care in a personable, professional atmosphere with outstanding efficiency admired near and far, surpassed by none,” she said. “We strive for it and want to maintain it. I feel we’re on the right track.”
Black keeps her business on the right track to be a part of a growing Millington. When Black is not at the office, she’s participating in Millington Area Chamber of Commerce events, sitting on the board as a chairperson of the Memphis Dental Society or being a delegate for the Tennessee Dental Association.
The wife of Walter Black also kept busy the past 3 years serving on the board of the Millington YMCA.
“I really encourage folks to support the YMCA and to go there and be a part of it,” she noted. “It does so much, more than we would ever consider and think. The YMCA has great community involvement.”
Whether it’s the dental or Millington community, Black enjoys giving back.
“We’re Chamber members,” she noted. “It’s important to me to be in connection with what’s going on in Millington. I want to contribute to what’s going on in Millington with the various organization who are in need. We really like to be involved and be in the know.”
From her practice to the board rooms, Black said her spiritual values play a huge part in her approach.
“As a Christian, my service to people is as if I’m serving God,” she said. “So that is the most important thing to me. I have to do what I feel the Lord has called me to do. Dentistry is something I feel the Lord has called me to do.
“Helping others is something He has called us to do,” Black added. “I hold that as most important. The Lord is the reason I’m here. My success, my existence and my office’s existence is through Him. I have to continue to do as He would want me to do. It’s obedience.”
The veteran dentist said God has blessed with a staff that provides top-notch care for patients. And the team has been the driving force behind back-to-back Woman of the Year awards.
“The team, they take the accolades for that,” Black said. “ It’s not me. They’re the ones that are the forefront of the office. Patty at the front desk. She’s the first one everybody speaks to and the face they see. Michelle, Jasmine, Nicole and Renee, they’re all here working with the patience. They’re showing the concern and compassion that ought to be shown.”
And Black concluded the support of her family, especially Walter, is a motivating force everyday.
“My husband is very supportive,” she said. “He has his own business. So we learn from each other. He’s in the business of personal care for people who can’t do for themselves — Personal Care Mid-South. He strives to do that. He does a lot of community activities. So I learn from him.
“And I hope he learns from me,” Black concluded. “We support each other and he encourages my growth. And I hope he sees I encourage his growth. So it’s been a learning experience over the years.”
For more information about Comprehensive Family Dentistry, call 872-0042 or visit

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