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No other gods, No graven images

By Jim Rast

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY LOGOIf there were more than one god, the power would be divided amongst the multitude.
Making necessary to give responsibility of some things to one god and the responsibility of other things to another god, such as the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians did.
This would cause diversity and issues amongst the separates. It is nonsensical. Heaven would have problems.
In the Bible where it says, “Let us make man in our image.” (Genesis 1:26) What does that mean? More than one God?  Or God divided? If God said no other gods, then that is it, no other gods. (Exodus 20:3) Then who is apart of the “us”? Is it God, Jesus and the Angels? We know God is one and we know Jesus is another. “In the beginning God created”, Genesis 1. Another quote in the Bible, “In the beginning was God and the Word was with God, and the Word was God and the Word became flesh.”
This was Jesus. (I John 1 ) That constitutes “us”. Did it include angels? No, for they are created also and have not the power to create thereby negating their participation in the “us” as creating anything. We have to conclude that the “us” is God and Jesus, only.(Ephesians 3:9) I have not left out the Holy Spirit. Scripture has not illustrated that It is His function to create but to guide, remembering He is God also.
Let us use water as an analogy. Water has three forms of function liquid, solid and gas.

1. Liquid water gives life as, life could not exist without it. It cleans as we wash ourselves. It is found in all life forms such as in trees, animals and us.

2. Solid water (Ice) protects and preserves. Protects by balancing our earth’s atmosphere and preserves our food and medicines. In old days it preserved food and gave the source of clean water.

3. Gas water (steam) cleans, destroys and changes things that have life.

Jesus told the woman at the well, “If you had asked, I would have given you living water”, (John 4:10) life, protection, preserved and cleansed.
These are three in one.
Now what are the components of water? Two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen. (H2O) Three in one! The Hydrogen element is the most powerful in the universe. Look at the sun, which is also necessary for life. Two parts Hydrogen. (Jesus said, “I am in He and He is in me and we are in the world.”) Two parts together. Hydrogen is found in all life forms in the world.
Oxygen has two functions- One function is to bring things that are- to nothing, such as by fire and rot. It is the element necessary to be present to burn, rapid decomposition as I call it.
And rot is a slow decomposition and is called oxidation. The second function is to give life. Oxygen in the blood changes the things we eat into energy, which is life. “Life is in the blood.”  Oxygen is in the air we breathe. “And God breathed the breath of life into Adam.”
Why do we desire to create gods for ourselves? Some make statues, some make little icons.
These are objects that can be realized in the physical realm satisfying our desire to use our senses of sight and touch in our imaginations and we want to be able to command these objects of our supposed worship to do our will.
It is not hard for a man left to himself to come to this way of trying to reach past his own abilities to solve his problems.
The desire of man to see physical events by God to prove His existence is why God elected a nation that is Israel to be a witness to the world that His Word and works could pass through centuries of fulfilling His Word through prophecies, telling what He would do years before it would happen.
Making the impossible real that we might believe He is real. It is sad that there is little interest in learning these promises (prophecies) of God.
The largest number of people make themselves or other people their gods. They admire the things of this world and those who have acquired the most things; whereas, some are just in love with themselves. What is worship other than choosing something or someone to love above all else. We see these two kinds of love in the ‘people’ persons such as politicians, sports players and actors.
In those that love them and the ones lured into becoming self-lovers by all the admiration from others. All of us have this problem to one degree or another.
ANY LOVE OTHER THAN FOR GOD IS ALWAYS A SELF-LOVER. Even the one who worships another person for they do it out of a self-lover attitude.
They love this other person more than God out of self gratification through having them as their hero or lover.
God, the one who made you, is jealous. You belong to Him even if you do not want Him.
You are His to do with as He wants. What He wants is for you to want Him. If you reject Him then you have already chosen the alternative, Hell. Yes, you have the power to choose.
Remember, you will die and the people and things that you held in high esteem will corrupt into nothing or those things will come to belong to another. How can a god like that bring you anything? Believe God.
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