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Winter Storm Watch for Shelby County Sleet and Snow Predicted for Tomorrow

Star Staff Reports

winter mix 3Sleet and snow are again expected to move into the Shelby County area tomorrow morning.  That could make driving hazardous.

Citizens need to be on the alert.  Ice will likely be on the roads, especially bridges and overpasses.  Motorists need to use extreme caution,” said Dale Lane, Director of the Shelby County Office of Preparedness.

The high temperature tomorrow will linger near freezing and the wintery mix could last through Saturday morning.

We’ll be putting brine solution on roads in the unincorporated areas this afternoon.  Our salt and cinder trucks will be ready to go should they be needed,” said Tom Needham, Director of Shelby County Public Works.

Citizens need to keep a close watch on people who live alone, especially the elderly and disabled.

This very brief winter storm has the potential to cause lots of problems.  We’ll stay in close contact with the National Weather Service and our emergency services and public works coordinators throughout Shelby County,” added Director Lane.

Road conditions are expected to quickly improve by mid-afternoon on Saturday when temperatures will reach the 50s.

For more information about preparing for winter weather, go to the Shelby County Office of Preparedness HLS/EMA Facebook Group or Twitter@SCOP_HLS_EMA or call 222-6700.


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