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Thou Shall Not Kill

By Jim Rast

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY LOGOIn the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, No. 7523, the Hebrew word in God’s Word for kill is “ratsach”, meaning to murder. What is the difference in our word kill and the Hebrew word? Well, “ratsach”, the Hebrew word means, mostly, to premeditate the killing of another human, our word is murder. The Sixth Commandment is telling us not to murder someone. To kill does not always mean murder. I think this Commandment is also addressing killing without respect for life.
In war, when nations are in conflict with one another and there is aggression on both sides. Is a soldier breaking the Sixth Commandment killing his enemy? No.
This is fighting. Is it good? No. It is bad but, sometimes necessary. On the soldier’s part the greater responsibility is upon the leaders of the nations who commanded the soldiers to go to battle and to kill. God will judge them more strongly. If a soldier kills unnecessarily, he may be judged by God of breaking the sixth Commandment depending upon his leaders or mental situation.
Now, let us take this a little farther. I ask the question, who gives life? God. All life! Years ago when our nation was settling the West, people killed the buffalo for the joy of killing. They just shot many of them and let them lie. Would this be breaking the Sixth Commandment? I feel so. It is a matter of respect for life. God has given us beast for food but to take life for the joy of killing is desiring to feel superior. You hunters do not be offended, I am just saying keep the respect. Enjoy the sport but, remember the beauty and magic of the competition of the prey. Do not waste. Do not just go for the thrill of killing. Make it the fun of the hunt.
A man, named Lee, has worked for me for thirty five years. We were digging a footing and an earth worm fell into the ditch, he picked it up and put it in the pile of dirt. I asked, “What are you doing?” He said, “I am just moving it, he won’t hurt anything.” Another time we were moving an old pile of bricks and out came a little snake. He took a shovel and moved the snake to the woods. I asked, “What are you doing, that is a snake?” He said, “I am moving him, he is not poisonous. He won’t hurt anybody.” I adopted his doctrine. I learned to respect life from him.
The Political Correct Interpreters trump God’s Word now by telling us and our children what use to be bad is now good. They say, “Some of the vices people do are not their fault because God made them that way. It is just an alternative life style.” Or they say, “It is not a life, it is just a piece of flesh.” “My Word (the Bible) will not return unto Me void” as spoken in the Bible in Isaiah 55:11. The vice spoken of the ‘alternative life style’ above is found God’s Word in Leviticus 20:13. And the ‘piece of flesh’ is spoken of in Leviticus 21:22. The Political Correct Interpreters will die, as we all will, and they will find that God allows for a while on earth but when they get before Him in the Judgment, they cannot trump His word. He will judge.
Are there justified killings? Yes. According to the Bible, an adulterer is to be stoned to death, Leviticus 20:10, as also the murderer. There are a number of executions prescribed by God in Leviticus 20 for the vices that men do. I will not go into them now. That could be another study.
Remember do not kill. Respect life.
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