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Welcome Back Ed Haley

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Ed Haley

Ed Haley

The right person, in the right job, at the right time is vital to the success of any operation.  The City of Millington is no exception.  Since changing to a City Manager form of Government in 2012, it has been a struggle to achieve this objective…until now.  Ed Haley has returned to serve the city of Millington as permanent City Manager.  Haley replaces Chris Dorsey, the second interim City Manager for Millington in the past two years.
“I am honored and thankful for the opportunity to serve the people of my home town,” Haley said. “We face many challenges as well as opportunities.  I know that with God’s help and the support of our elected officials, employees and people of the city, together we can make good things happen to improve city services and our quality of life.  I ask for your prayers and support as we move forward.”“Finding a city manager is an arduous process,” Millington Mayor Terry Jones said. “One name continually kept surfacing, Mr. Ed Haley.  He has been a mentor of mine for the last 14 years and I look forward to working with him.”
Haley, a Millington native and graduate of Millington Central High School, has served the city of Millington in various capacities over the years including 18 years on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. He has been heavily engaged in the community through his involvement with the Millington Jaycees, Optimist Club, Rotary Club, Airport Authority, Youth and Community Days and the Environmental Control Board. Haley has also served on the Board of Deacons at Kerrville Assembly of God, the Tennessee Municipal League, National Cancer Society, Tennessee City Managers’ Association and 8 years in the Tennessee General Assembly as a State Representative.
Haley served 14 years as the Town Superintendent for Arlington, 27 years with Shelby County Government, 13 years with E.I. DuPont DeNemours & Company and the U.S. Air Force. Haley brings a passion for the city of Millington, a wealth of experience and proven skills necessary to move the city of Millington forward.

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