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Breaking down Adultery

By Jim Rast

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY LOGOThe relationship between a man and a woman is, as I have mentioned in an earlier article, similar to the relationship between a man and his God in love, trust and faith. The longer the love, trust and faith is maintained the stronger the bond in the relationship. Please remember this faithful relationship as we continue our look into what happens when the relationship has been abused by one of the bonded couple.
At one time, the two are happy in company with each other. What happens to change this relationship? One sees something that creates a desire. This desire causes one to covet and has imaginations with whom it sees. Imaginations continue until this one acts to change imaginations to reality and the fulfillment of the desire. When the action has taken place, successful or not, then comes guilt. This guilt causes judgment. The guilty one wants not to judge itself so for relief, it judges its mate. This helps the feeling of the need to excuse its guilt. It finds fault with the other and expresses it. The innocent one senses the guilt of the other, then judgment goes both ways. Trust and faith has gone. Love struggles on for a while as respect decreases. When respect has left, then love changes to hate. This is the fruit of adultery. As joy is the fruit of the spirit of mercy, so is hate the fruit of the spirit of adultery.  In my younger days, men were thought to be lax in fidelity more than women and I think it was true. Women have been liberated to be more like men since the fifties, as I watch TV my belief is reinforced. It is my belief that contraceptions and abortions have contributed to the change in women’s virtues. The birth of a child is a burden to the one who wants attention to self and through these means it is no longer an issue to deal with in their actions. They can control when it happens and do as they want when they want. Their dress, conversation and actions confirm this. Women, please excuse this old man. There is little you can do to change the mind of an old man set in his ways. And what can he do? He is not in leadership or authority anymore. Do not waste your time being mad at me. I love women and know the world could not do without them. I need and love my wife and want the best for my three daughters. My infidelity ruined my first marriage and the payment for that sin is still going. That is not to say that men have gotten any better, on the contrary, men have gotten worse also. Why? Because it is easier with more free thinking women in the world.
How is adultery committed in our relationship towards God? In this, you find something you love more than your relationship with God. It is not necessarily another god. You just put God in a closet and pretend He does not see. You do the things that gratify the love for yourself.  Your work massages pride. An outside girlfriend raises your manhood.
Your body, and in this you elevate your love of self with much exercise and dieting desiring to be admired. As with the adultery between man and woman so is the adultery, called idolatry, with God. You love something more than God and you try to excuse it. You do not deny that He exists, you just forget Him or you find fault with God. You say something like this, “If God is so good, why does He let a little child die?” Or you find fault with those who represent God and say, “I am not going to be a hypocrite. I am not going to church with all those hypocrites.”
Adultery is a character flaw. One who commits adultery is deceitful. He or she is living a lie and will pay for the consequences. As I was told by an old man when I was in this sin, “If you do this, are you willing to pay the price? Is it worth it?”
Who shall go to Heaven? Unrepentant adulterers will not, among other types of sinners. Look in I Corinthians 6:9 to see who goes to hell.
Had this Law been observed by our government, now I would be dead. Or would I? I think I would have not committed this sin because of the fear of the punishment. Then there would have not been this life of mine of shame and regret.
My children would not have “their teeth set on edge because of the father eating sour grapes.” God said and I will paraphrase, “I give you these (Laws) that you might put these things (sins) from you.” God wanted Israel to be a witness to the world by the way they lived life with joy and blessings.
I have been limited in my church by their doctrine of my service in the church because of this sin. This turned good for me for I went into the Word to find God’s view and found forgiveness and restitution. “Old things are passed away and behold all things are new.” The study created desire for more answers and the need for more study. What am I saying is what I did in adultery good? No, on the contrary, it was bad. The forgiveness was good. I was saved at 15 years of age and how much better could it had been if I had followed Christ the whole time. I am as David when he said, “My sins are ever present before my eyes” years after his adulteress affair was put before him by Nathan, the prophet.
Learn, teach and keep the Ten Commandments.
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