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Remington’s recent efforts at Jetport help him secure statewide honor

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Roy Remington award shot Roy Remington Manager of Year 4-2Since arrival in July 2013 Roy Remington has been trying to grow the Millington Regional Jetport.
His hard work along side many with the city of Millington government hasn’t gone unnoticed. On March 19, Remington was named the 2015 Airport Manager of the Year presented by the Tennessee Division of Aeronautics in Nashville during the Tennessee Airport Conference.
“I was blown away, just incredible,” Remington said. “It was a surprise. I didn’t find out until the award ceremony.”
As the executive director of the Millington Airport Authority, Remington has taken on the challenge of bringing new features to the Millington Regional Jetport and improve the infrastructure.
Remington and the MAA have worked along side the Millington Industrial Development Board, city of Millington and others the past few months to bring Crew Training International to town. The flight training center (Hangar N-7 at the Jetport) was scheduled to have renovation completed April 1.
Remington noted CTI is a $40 million a year revenue company from Germantown and primarily a Department of Defense contractor.
“Their interest is in diversifying that business outlook to civilian flight training,” he said. “Charles Gulotta with IDB is in process of selling to CTI the land directly south of that campus. And once that sell closes, Crew Training International will come in and build a set of dormitories that will be the housing center for the students.”
The arrival of the flight training school will have long term benefits not only for the students but Flag City.
“What we’re looking at, 100-plus students a year that would be coming through Millington,” Remington noted. “These young men and women will be earning their pilot certificates here in Millington, Tenn. No matter where their aviation certificates take them in the world, they will always remember this is the place they learned how to fly. So the reputation and the esteem of this airport and community will be well represented.”
Millington was well represented at the Tennessee Airport Conference with Remington being named Manager of the Year. Remington noted he is just the face on a “team award.”
“It takes a team to be able to bring home something like this,” he said. “To be honest with you, it was an honor to represent the city of Millington and the Airport.”
The 2001 graduate of Bolton High School grew up in Shelby County in the now Bartlett area. Remington earned his degree from St. Louis University and worked his way to the Millington Airport Authority in 2013.
Since then Remington has been trying to improve the Millington Regional Jetport. The next project Remington is taking on is improving the surrounding area of the main terminal. The MAA has joined forces with the city of Millington, Millington IDB, Tennessee ECD, Delta Regional Authority, Memphis Area Association of Government and TDOT to secure the grant funds to re-secure the airport area.
Millington applied for a $250,000 DRA grant and has been awarded $247,530 to fund improvements to Funafuti Street at the Regional Jetport.
“This area of the city has been a part of an incredible gift the Navy has given to the city with the land, the airport, the roadways and the infrastructure,” Remington noted. “It’s beginning to be at the end of its useful life. The roads are beginning to crumble. There’s no curbs or gutters. There’s no center lane stripe. A lot of the water infrastructure is aging.
“So part of my mission as I see is to redevelop this area,” he added. “This place was bract in 1992. And here we are here 20 years later, this place still looks like an old Navy facility. There’s no reason for that.”
When projects like the flight school, dormitories and infrastructure improvements come to fruition, Remington and his colleague might be receiving more honors from the Tennessee Division of Aeronautics.
“The hope would be with his in hand, there are four other categories for awards,” Remington concluded. “Some of those are lifetime achievement award, most improved airport award and best governing award. Looking forward and achieving the things we set out to do, we will have our eyes set out on those as well.”

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