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Thou shall not steal

By Jim Rast

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY LOGOIf a person was to go to a third grade class school room and asks, “Who here has heard of the Ten Commandments?” How many children would raise their hands? There would be some of them. And if they were asked, “Can anyone give me one?” There would be some to raise their hands. And the person would ask one of the children, “Ok tell me a Commandment.” The child would say, “Thou shall not steal.” Most everyone in the USA has heard of the Ten Commandments but few can quote all of them. Most all have heard “Thou shall not steal.” Why does a child remember this Commandment easier than the others?
Even a child knows not to steal. All religions are against stealing, even natives that have no organized religions in all lands are against stealing. It is easy to understand. Everyone does not like to be stolen from.
Why did God give this as a Commandment if everyone understands it so easily? He wanted to set it up as a law by Him and in this way the breaker of this Commandment would know he had sinned against God as well as man and a judgment would be made with a recompense for this sin.
Could the Commandment include more than one way to steal from another? To break into his house and take his belongings is thief. Is claiming a patent on someone’s idea stealing?
Is lying on taxes stealing? To take money for favors while working in government stealing?  What about padded expense accounts? There are many ways a person can steal. A person will know when he is stealing. If it feels like stealing, it probably is.
“Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry.” Proverbs 6:30. But he should work it out. Proverbs 6:31. In verse 31 God says pay back seven times as much as you stole. Why? God has a lesson here. Would it not have been better to have ask him for bread or money? Yes, a little better but, he must be lazy if he just asks for a gift. What would have been best for him to do in God’s eyes? To go to the man and say, “I will take no gift, let me work that I might eat.” Then respect would come from the giver to the receiver and from the receiver to the giver. God would bless both in this way.
There is an old saying, “If a man will lie, he will steal and if he will steal he will do anything.” Stealing will lead to more ungodliness. Can anyone think of a prosperous happy thief? They have the benefit of what they stole for a brief period of time and then it vanishes. Stealing has never lead to a long happy prosperous life.
Teach your children the Ten Commandments. This is an easy one to start them on and it will benefit their life.
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