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Do Not Bare False Witness

By Jim Rast

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY LOGOThe Ninth Commandment- “Thou shall not bare false witness” (Lying)
As we come down the list of the Ten Commandments, we find they are easier to understand and more frequently broken.
Who has not lied? No one. Will breaking this Commandment keep you from going to Heaven? It is a sin, isn’t it? Yes. We must confess all our sins, ask forgiveness, submit to God and ask Jesus to be our Lord; then we will receive access to heaven.
We sometimes justify a lie by calling it a “white lie”. We tell it to save someone’s feelings or pride. Is it wrong? I can not be a judge. I am guilty also.
God weights sins at the Judgement. If any sin is the same as all the rest, then why the judgement? Of the ones going to hell, let us look in Luke 16 and see the rich man looking at Lazarus with Abraham. The Bible says he was in torment.
When He was alive he had no compassion for the poor or hungry and now he is suffering. Had he had sent a messenger with food to Lazarus and instructed the messenger when asked by Lazarus, “Who sent this?”, to tell him a stranger from another town saw him and sent the food. Let us say the rich man instructed this lie because he did not want people to know that he gave food for many poor would come to his door for food and he wanted not to be bothered.
Now suppose, would the rich man be suffering as much for the lying as he was for the lack of compassion? I do not think so. But a lie is still a lie.
How would the rich man had been after death had he given everyone poor at his place something to eat even to all that he had and no lying? It would be good for him but hard for anybody to do. He would have been with Abraham, also.
The Scripture says, “Thou Shall Not Bare False Witness”. Is this different from lying? I say some. How? We lie to save ourselves from trouble. We lie to project another image we want people to think we are but, to falsely accuse is to bare a false witness. We see in I Kings 21:6-14 a false witness. Ahab wanted Naboth’s vinyard and a lie was created to accuse Naboth of blaspheming and had him stoned to death.
This is a clear example of a true “false witness”. Please read it.
Lying is natural. Children have to be taught to tell the truth. If they are not taught when they are young they will most likely grow up to be habitual liars. As in the truth of the old saying I hear as a child, “a man that lie will steal and a man that steal will do anything.”
How do you want your children to turn out? Teach your children the Ten Commandments!
To lie is wrong but, to bare false witness is worse. To lie to save yourself is one thing but, to bare false witness against another to their hurt and your benefit is another.
I have just about confused myself.
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