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Millington Central High School Salutatorian’s makes adjustments to stay near the top of Class 2015

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

MCHS Sal Jason Jiang hor MCHS Sal Jason Jiang verticalWhether it was as valedictorian or just one of the Class of 2015 members sitting on the football field of Millington Central High School, Jason Jiang is just glad to be a part of the festivities.
On May 14 on the Millington Football Field, Jiang will be in attendance as the 2015 MCHS Salutatorian sharing the stage with his girlfriend and Valedictorian Ashley Cavaliere.
“I’m happy for her,” Jiang said. “I was there to encourage her and keep her going. She did the same for me.
“Really, I’m just happy,” he added. “It doesn’t matter if I had finished ahead of her or behind her. I’m just happy to encourage all my classmates.”
Jiang said his peers played a huge role in him reaching his achievement as Salutatorian.
“It was mainly my teachers, guidance counselors and my friends that helped me get here,” he said. “And my parents were there to financially support me.”
The son of Yi Jiang and Sau Mui Lan has been working hard in the classroom over the past four years. Jiang, a 2015 MCHS Hall of Fame member, earned a 4.44 grade point average while participating in several clubs and organizations.
While becoming a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, Knowledge Bowl and Beta Club, Jiang’s surroundings were consistently changing.
Jiang only had one class in the Freshmen Academy when he entered MCHS as a 14-year-old freshman, taking mostly honor classes in the main building.
His sophomore year would mark the beginning of all the change. Jiang and his classmates would study, learn and evolve in their last year under the old Shelby County Schools system. In the fall of 2013, MCHS joined all other SCS schools to combine with the desolved Memphis City School system to form the new SCS.
“That was actually a good change,” Jiang acknowledged. “We had access to new programs that were offered only in Memphis. It opened doors to internships and an ACT workshop.”
By the time Jiang’s junior year was over, he had a solid ACT score that would allow him in any college. Preparing for his senior year, Jiang and the Class of 2015 knew another change awaited them with the new Millington Municipal Schools.
Since 2012, Jiang had three different principals with Mark Neal, Marsha Davis and now Clint Durley. There were three school systems and other changes Jiang endured. Through it all support from friends and family kept him on pace toward being the Saluatorian.
“I got the chance to meet more people this year,” he said. “We had new teachers and new administrators with Ms. Hale the only one back. But things turned out to be pretty cool in 2015.”
In the fall of 2015, Jiang plans on enrolling into the University of Memphis to major in Business. He said all his experiences at MCHS will help him deal with changes and adjusting on the fly.
Before he makes his mark in the business world down the line, Jiang has left an impressive legacy at MCHS. But when Jiang breaks it down, he wants his legacy to be simple.
“I want to be remembered as helpful to others,” he concluded. “I hope they say he was funny. He made his class laugh. I tried to make others happy and feel good.”

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