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Taco Bell Tuesday

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Millington Taco Bell General Manager Christine Guy and staff have build a close bond with many customers including Millington Star Editor Thomas Sellers Jr. on "Taco Bell Tuesday."

Millington Taco Bell General Manager Christine Guy and staff have build a close bond with many customers including Millington Star Editor Thomas Sellers Jr. on “Taco Bell Tuesday.”

BUS Taco Bell TuesdayTo some of the employees of the Millington Taco Bell, the third day of the week is known as “Thomas Tuesday.”
The editor of The Millington Star Thomas Sellers Jr., has made weekly stops to the Flag City eatery since 2007 calling it “Taco Bell Tuesday.”
Sellers is not the only frequent visitor to the 2015 The Millington Star Readers’ Choice Fast Food Restaurant of the Year. Many familiar faces pop into the 4811 Navy Road location for tradition offerings on the Taco Bell menu and new feature items.
“It makes me proud to work here,” Millington Taco Bell General Manager Christine Guy said. “I enjoy it. With repeat customers, especially someone like Thomas who comes in all the time, it makes our day. Sometimes we might now be having a great day, but when we see somebody who loves our food and loves coming here, it make it all that much more fun to be here and serve you guys.”
Guy has been serving customers in Millington for almost 19 years. The longtime manager can be spotted emptying trash, running the drive-thru, on the line making meals, working the cash register or on the floor hugging customers who have become her friends.
Several of her team members greet customers with a smile and have build a strong rapport with them.
“Taco Bell has its standards and we follow those guidelines,” Guy noted. “They give us all the tools to run a great restaurant and serve our customers. Anytime something new comes out, it is exciting.
“Our customers are always looking for something new and that taste good for a decent price,” she continued. “They want it to be good for their family. And we are a family oriented restaurant in a small town. So most of our customers are we know them by name. They get to know us. I love working here. And my team and I, we’re like a family.”
Sellers said he feels a part of that family when he arrives for “Taco Bell Tuesday” or “Follow-up Fridays.”
“It brightens up my deadline day to visit my crew at Taco Bell on Tuesday,” he said. “It all started with me gravitating to the restaurant weekly and grew into Taco Bell Tuesday. I love the people who work their for going the extra mile for me and making my order fresh and delicious.”
Sellers added that the Millington Taco Bell is the place to visit to try new creations. The Flag City Taco Bell opens at 6:30 a.m. Monday through Friday to serve breakfast which started a year ago on March 27. On Saturday and Sunday the eatery opens at 7 a.m.
From 9 to 11 a.m. breakfast and dinner items are available. Guy noted to celebrate their customers and observing new features to the menu, special deals are right around the corner.
“We love our customers,” she said. “It’s not perfect everyday. We make mistakes. But we have new products coming that are coming for summer.
“It’s a culture that I try to build through the restaurant,” Guy added. “It shows through my team and the customers who come in. We take pride in that.”
From Taco Bell Tuesday to the Best Fast Food  Award, Guy said the Millington Taco Bell is just as special to her as it is to many who pass through the doors.
“When you come here and enjoy your job,” she concluded, “it makes it that much easier to take care of you guys. And you guys are coming in spending your hard-earn money. It makes me feel great.”
For more information, call 872-3040.

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