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What is food?

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordLet’s look at the definition of food. *…”food: nutritive material taken into the body for maintenance of life and the growth and repair of tissues.  (nutritive:  containing nutrients)” Let me say it this way.
Our parents and grandparents lived on farms, and grew what they ate—it was safe and the mineral content was higher. They could probably say that “everything” they ate was food.  They gathered from the land such things as wild fruits and game.
They grew grain for flour and cornmeal, raised their food, and had their own animals. The only sugar used was honey from a tree, or sorghum molasses they made. The food was grown from self-producing seed—not the hybrid kind. Hybridization changes the metabolism of the plant, and also the way our body utilizes food.
I had the opportunity to lecture to 500 students at a Junior High School. In order to illustrate and explain the difference between “live” food and “dead” food, I used: a raw carrot which had sprouted, a jar of white sugar, and a small hamburger (4-5 years old), still in its bag. As I read a child’s daily menu, one of the students helped me measure teaspoon by teaspoon the amount of sugar in a diet—69 teaspoons. The teacher who invited me asked me to explain the importance of milk in their diet—she had osteoporosis, but I could not substantiate the milk source today. Milk has been altered too much; besides this, you will discover there is more to preventing osteoporosis than supplementation. The homogenizing process will do much damage in the body.
There are still lots of unprocessed food available today, and even though they are low in nutrients they are still better than the processed, prepared fast-foods. Select foods in their nature state, such as, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables. In their raw state sunflower and pumpkin seeds, pecans, almonds, etc. are superior foods. Whole grain wheat, rye, barley, millet, buckwheat, and oats make good breakfast cereals. I use many of these for breakfast and load them with fruits for sweeteners, soy protein powder, and raw nuts or seeds. They stick to the ribs!
When people eat at my house, they tell me I am good cook. To which I respond: No! I just cook!” The industry does not cook for me. Cheat only once in awhile. Are you used to eating processed foods?
There are many appliances to help you learn to cook from scratch! Your family will appreciate it unless their taste buds have been trained on junk, then it may take time to re-adjust them. Start slowly; you can change the eating habits of your family. It takes a little more time to cook from scratch, but it is less expensive and tastier.
Fast foods prepared by the industry rob your pocket book, and your cells. They are loaded with sugar which will drag your energy down—and only give a temporary boost. Sugar damages the immune system. The foods we eat should maintain life, growth, and repair the body’s damaged tissues; not just appease our “taste buds.” Bring into your kitchen only fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds—not soft drinks, chips and dips, and sweets for snacks. A person will naturally grab something quick when he needs energy.
Keep containers of veggies already washed and prepared.  Try and find a safe source for meats grown without hormones. There are still many ways to protect your health today. It may be a little more difficult and time consuming, but the flavor and health you can enjoy is worth the effort. Optimal health is a treasure worth the effort!
Think about this: “Every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease.”  Not everything we put into our mouths is “food.” So, we are either building our health or producing disease every time we eat anything, good or bad.
This is going on all the time, but the damage does not show up sometimes for years. Nevertheless this is happening within our bodies. Ask yourself these questions: “Is this ‘substance’ I am putting into my mouth food?” “Will it sustains life and health?” “Or, will it produce disease?” You cannot fool your body—it recognizes food!
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