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To Inform — Not Diagnose

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordThese articles are to inform you—not diagnose a problem, but are to help you understand your own body, and teach you how to make better choices.
There are two sides of health today; the pharmaceuticals and the alternative health solutions. By the word “alternative” I am talking about getting back to a disciplined life. If you need medical help by all means use a physician, but he cannot eat for you.
Alternatives give you knowledge about how to take responsibility for your own health. Food and whole food supplements are safe for most of us.
Herbs on the other hand must be used cautiously. I respect the use of herbs, but find a source free of pesticides.
There are lots of voices addressing health these days. Some legitimate; some are not. No Fat! Low Fat! Eggs are bad! Eggs are not bad! Cholesterol? Who are the “they?” This goes on and on. The manufacturers all want in on the market.
False advertising is rampant. Now we have made the circle, we seem to be returning to the high protein—low carbohydrate diet.
Who do we believe?  It gets confusing for me at times, even after all these years. When I started over forty-eight years ago there were only a few voices in this field; but today it is a different story.
The market place is full of new health products. Notice that most do not stay around long. A druggist told me that every month a new item appears.
The shelves are full and people rush to buy it, but next month it is gone, and a new one takes its place. Have you been a victim of buying a product that does not work?
The ingredients may not be in the product, or the body does not utilize it.
There is no law which requires the manufacturers to validate that every ingredient on the label is in “every” pill. In the future many will be weeded out, but for now, we must do our own research.
Choose wisely! Try to stay balanced and practical, and use common sense, if you please.  The questions to ask are: “Who says it?” “Who is paying the bill?” When I was in Wichita, KS, I read an article in the newspaper that the meat, dairy, and egg industry had donated lots of literature to schools for their health education.
Where do you think we got this idea? “Ice Cream is a good protein source.” We cannot rely upon labels and advertising when it comes to quality.
We used to live by the four food groups, but it has suddenly become obsolete. For some reason we tend to accept a person with a title as an authority. People with degrees are human and have limited knowledge. The Creator created the body, and the body was created to survive from the land—not a test tube. The doctor, or scientist, is not our ultimate authority. I believe the mother should be the “food” expert! We probably understand our body better, because we live in it.
There is a doctor for every part of our body. It is like looking at one tree and missing the whole forest.  They never see us as a whole person. A chemist argued with me that synthetic B vitamins are the same as those from food. I checked him out! From a scientific standpoint he was right, but the body disagrees. No one can replace the “life” that is in a carrot in a chemical test tube.
Avoid the extreme media fads and the scare tactics.
There may be some truth, but realize they are selling products. Some products may be good, but they will need proving. Look at more than one source of information. Find a reputable, established company.
Ask them for their research and development behind the products, and their clinical research. Use unprocessed foods grown as close to nature as much as possible. The body will smile.
When I first started on this journey I purchased a product to boost energy. The first bottle gave me a boost, but the second bottle suppressed me. I discovered that the reason was an imbalance in the synthetic B vitamins. The body knows the difference. I have gained wisdom by experience. Deep inside we really know what we should eat. I ask you: Is raw better than cooked?  Is food safer grown without pesticides?  Or processed with additives? You have all it takes to make the right decision. There is no such thing as a “pill” for everything! These articles will help you with ideas, but they are not to diagnose your problem.
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