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Optimal Health is a Treasure

By Thelma Ledford

Good Eats LedfordHas life been pushing you along at such a pace that your health has been neglected?  Do you want to feel better? Or avoid the pharmaceutical drug route? One of life’s greatest blessings is to have good physical and mental health. Poor health reduces our ability to enjoy life and limits our productivity. Dreams are left unfulfilled. Hopes for the future diminish. Even life can be cut short.
Optimal health is a treasure worth desiring, worth seeking to possess, and worth working to maintain. It is worth the sacrifice of time, energy, and money. Would you give up a wide screen TV to feel better? What price are you willing to pay for the feeling of vitality and energy you once enjoyed? The earlier we begin to take responsibility for our own health, the better quality of life we can enjoy. It is also less expensive “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” a saying worth heeding in regard to health. Doctors cannot fix everything, and sickness is expensive.
Most of us never think about health when we feel well. We want to “drive” our body (like our car) until it breaks down. Then we look for a “quick fix.” We never take into consideration that when we skip meals, grab a sweet, a cola, or some fast food that we are doing damage to the cells. “Our poor sad cells!” Colds, sore throats, and sinus infections may be warnings that the body is trying to dump the poisons we have been eating. The first sign of a problem is not when it started.  Jever wonder, what is causing these symptoms? What is happening inside our body? Why the fever, the coughing, and all the pain? Disease really starts on the inside of us. The body is trying to tell us that something is wrong.         We need to help the body by eating good foods, drinking plenty of pure water, getting rest, and keeping a good mental attitude. Negative emotions are as detrimental to health as poor food habits. The cells must be nourished and replaced by what we eat. The body may be doing the best it can with what we give it. How can the body make good tissue out of “junk foods?” Think about it!   Would we put kerosene, water, or some other harmful thing into the gas tank of our expensive automobile? But most of us think nothing about putting “junk food” into our mouths and calling it food.  Sometimes I wonder how the body can do as well as it does.
.  If there are already serious health problems, please be encouraged. Never give up hope!  Keep looking for answers, and keep making adjustments in your life. I have personally experienced amazing results without drugs. Start by removing the harmful, synthetic things from your life. Use foods grown as closely to nature as possible, clean up the air and water in your life. Study good nutrition books, and find a good “whole food” vitamin-mineral supplement which has scientific and clinical research behind it—one that is void of synthetics and pesticides. Learn to use alternative methods of healing. You can improve your health to some degree even in serious cases.
Some changes must be made to restore health—naturally. Most people seem willing to change, but find it difficult to be committed day in and day out. Discipline and self-denial are a necessary part of any goal we set for ourselves. In fact, it is a key element. If we cannot deny ourselves a dessert or some fad junk food, how will we achieve good health? Our taste buds and emotional impulses will push us along, and we will become the victim—not the winner.
On the other hand, a disciplined, committed person can make good progress. I met a young woman whose mother had Lupus and she was concerned because her own health was deteriorating.  I diagnosed the root cause of the problem, and she immediately began to discipline herself. The next time I saw her she was greatly improved and encouraged. Would you agree that avoiding Lupus is a good reason to work toward optimal health? To be free from disease is a treasure that is worth the effort! I know! I almost lost my health. Every day we do one of two things: “We either build health or create disease.” Health is a treasure! Do not neglect it!
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